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    Write For Us - Tech, Web,Business, Gaming, Guest Posting

    Write For Us – Tech, Gaming, Media,Guest Posting

    Tech Web Update is rapidly growing every day. We encourage others to contribute to our blog, with the opportunity to then link back to their own blog if required.

    How to become a contributor?

    To become a contributor to Tech Web Update you should have a quick browse of some of our articles to understand the sort of content that we publish.
    It’s important to focus on quality, rather than article length. However, we do require at least 800 words per guest post.


    • Be original and write original content
    • Use copyright/royalty-free images
    • Add resources if the article is a collaboration of ideas and thoughts
    • Add personal thoughts and opinions. You don’t need to be an expert, but if you’re trying to come across as an expert but aren’t fully knowledgeable, it will come across obvious in your writing.


    • Do not copy others. Plagiarism is a big no-no and we will check every guest post for plagiarism.
    • Don’t submit articles that need to be proof-read for bad grammar and spelling. There are plenty of resources out there to ensure that you will never have obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Don’t use images without owning the copyright.
    If all of this sounds good, please email techguestposts@gmail.com to find out our guest post prices and other advertising opportunities.

    Write For US Contact:

    You can reach out to us with your queries via:

    Email: latestbulletins@gmail.com

    WhatsApp: +91-9966610390

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