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    5 tips for marketing on YouTube

    YouTube has become the leading video platform on the Internet, so it is not surprising that there are many companies that want to be present on this platform to launch videos about their products and thus capture the attention of users. If you have ever wondered which YouTube channels are the most watched, according to data offered by the Statista web portal, the most watched channels in May of this year were the following:
    1. T-Series (with 563.1 million monthly visits).
    2. Web & Tiaras – Toy Monster Compilations (530.59 million visitors per month).
    3. Netd müzik (513.18 million).
    4. WWE (489, 06 million visits in a month).
    5. Family Fun Pack (with monthly visits of 485.98 million).
    If you also want to become the king of YouTube and include among the Top video channels on the platform, Here are the Top 5 tips that will help you, without any doubt, to increase the number of visitors.
    1. Short videos
    Short videos are the most successful on YouTube. Specifically, those less than 2 minutes are those that get 50% of all reproductions. In addition, you should bear in mind that the videos that are viewed until the end are those that provide good visibility.
    1. Brand channel
    The ideal is that you create a dedicated channel exclusively for your brand on YouTube since that way people will be able to find your products more easily. When you create your channel, it would be ideal to add a banner with your image and logo to give it a professional appearance.
    1. Use Analytics
    If you want to know what works on the Internet, one of the things you have to use is Analytics, because thanks to this tool you will be able to monitor the reproductions over time, something that will be essential to analyze the demographic data of your visitors
    1. Advertise with AdWords
    Google is the owner of YouTube, so one of the most effective ways to advertise is paying, and this is achieved through Google AdWords. This tool will be able to select your daily budget and choose the demographic data for your audience.
    1. Upload content regularly
    One of the basic premises when you decide to do marketing on YouTube, you should be aware that one of the main commitments you have to acquire is to upload content regularly, since being a social network Youtube, long periods of silence do not work.

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