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    How To Get More Views On YouTube

    Youtube is now a source for marketers to post their videos. About 80 percent of internet traffic is mentioned to be video-based as Youtube videos are life for online marketing. Youtube is a competitive destination and videos need to be informative as well as entertaining. It is evident that the second largest search engine in the world is Youtube and it is a most prominently used channel for educating, entertaining and promoting. Marketers making use of youtube videos are looking for more views and likes for their videos. Let’s glimpse through a few points about how to get more views on Youtube. 

    Similar to Google’s search result algorithm, YouTube also follows its algorithm to represent the
    best and relevant videos to visitors. 

    1.     Keyword-rich and descriptive titles

    Keyword research comes into play with the title of the video. An interesting and descriptive title is
    mandatory to be focussed. The title offers keywords for the algorithm, grabs in visitors and for
    relevancy purpose sorting. A descriptive title is one that informs the users about the video.
    There are ample keyword research tools that can be used to conduct keyword research.
    To get to know about keyword popularity on YouTube, the user needs to navigate to keyword planner
    and on the right click on Youtube search. Organic views can be gained when the video content is
    optimized for the appropriate keywords. 

    2.     Present viewers can subscribe 

    Visitors already watching videos are an important source for views for future content.
    It would be beneficial if they subscribe as subscribed visitors would be notified each time a new video
    is posted. By this way, more views can be gained each time new videos are released. It is hence
    suggested to ask the visitors to subscribe. It would be helpful when a call to action is added at the
    end of the video requesting the user for the subscription. 

    3.     Buy viewers  

    To grab in high-quality traffic to the website many buy youtube views and likes. When YouTube views
    are bought the videos are ranked higher on searches. Helps gain social proof, boosts interest in
    audiences to view the videos; more subscribers are gained, etc. This is one method to gain a number
    of youtube views and likes. 

    4.     Usage of tags

    Youtube video tags are very important as they assist the viewers to know about the video and also
    assists the algorithm to understand the viewer’s view after watching the video. The video tags along
    with title and description should represent the video. Hence properly using a video tag is significant. 

    5.     Be brand

    The logo and channel art are to be concentrated as these are the aspects that make the video
    recognizable. Your channel is remembered well with a unique and promising logo or art.
    Apart from all these aspects the user also needs to concentrate on tagline and appropriate name for
    the video. 

    6.     Good thumbnail image 

    There is a great difference when proper thumbnail images are used as it urges the visitors to view the
    video again. Thumbnail images are presented in the organic search page and also in the suggested
    video section and hence a good thumbnail image is necessary to gain in more views. Also, a thumbnail
    image is presented to the viewer’s whenever any video is posted on social media. 

    7.     End screens for videos

    An end video can be developed by following these steps.
    • The user needs to navigate to the video manager
    • Select the video where end screens need to be added and click on edit
    • “End screens and annotations” must be clicked
    • The user finally needs to add an end screen to the video. 

    End screens are a god way that enhances views for free. The best way to proceed is to offer
    more details about the videos to the viewer, along with details about the channel. Also, the
    user can invite the viewers to check other videos too. End screens make the videos look
    professional and also gain more views. 

    8.     Promote videos on social media

    Online marketers find social media as a major source of marketing. This is because content promotion
    is simple and also there are billions of users. The user just needs to embed Youtube videos on social
    media platforms. This is free. It will not cost much and the number of likes and views can be gained


    To get enough attention to Youtube videos, the user can follow the above-mentioned tips. Also, the user can buy youtube views for several reasons. Apart from all the metrics, the above-mentioned ideas and a lot more can help YouTube videos to hit the top list and get more views. These unique tactics and fundamentals are beneficial for ones looking to gain in more number of views for Youtube videos.

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