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    10 Worth Buying Big TV Screens in 2019

    Buying a TV for your home has got to be one of the most difficult decisions, because if you don’t
    evaluate the kind of TV that you need then you can end up buying a bad TV. There are a lot of things
    that you need to think of before choosing your new TV. There are a lot of variations that can be found
    regarding the TV technology and now you can buy LED, QHD, HDR, 4K, 8K, OLED, QLED and a lot more. In fact, it gets quite overwhelming to select a TV especially if you are buying one after years. There are also a lot of size variations for TV nowadays that can make a person more confused. Anyhow, the year 2019 has certainly launched some of the greatest TVs out there. Here we have comprised a list of the best TV that you can buy. All the screens featuring on the list provide a great value for money, while you canalways check for the best TV price in Pakistan before you make your purchase.


    The OLED TVs have certainly become the king when it comes to providing some great picture quality.
    The OLED TVs have a special technology that allows them to deliver the contrast and brightness in a way
    that no LED or LCD TV could do. The LG OLEDB8P was launched back in 2018, however it is still
    considered to be the best TV in 2019 too. This is the best TV that you could get to enjoy high picture
    quality, at a lower price range.

    TCL 6 Series

    If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend more, but yet want to get a TV that delivers a dynamic
    picture then the TCL 6 series should be the right choice for you. You get enhanced colors, great image
    quality and the full array local dimming feature that makes the price of the TV to be extremely value-
    adding. The TV supports all the subscription services like Netflix or YouTube.

    Samsung Q90R

    The TV is all about providing you an excellent home entertainment that couldn’t be found anywhere
    else. The Samsung Q90R comes with a bright panel with a sleek design. It is something that makes the
    TV to look even more unique and stylish. The colors of the TV make the pictures to look life-like and the
    big screen definitely would provide you an amazing entertainment experience.

    Vizio M8-Series Quantum

    This TV offers quite a lot for the price tag that it comes in. The price of the TV is quite less as compared
    to its other competitors that offer the same features, but they come at a higher price. If you want
    something that adds value for your money then the Vizio M8 series should be considered.

    Sony X950G

    Sony X950G comes into play when you talk about color accuracy. The best thing about the TV is that you
    don’t have to dig in a lot in the settings, but you can set the color accuracy that you want. The TV comes
    with a high native contrast ratio that provides for a great color ratio and the full-array local dimming
    technology helps to balance out the whites and the blacks in a picture. It is a great choice for your
    lounge or bedroom. However, people who would want to play games shouldn’t be inclined much
    towards the Sony X950G, as it has a low input lag.

    Hisense H9F

    Looking for a budget TV, then the Hisense H9F is the perfect choice for you. A picture quality that
    enhances the viewing experience, along with a good handling of reflection, you wouldn’t have to worry
    about placing this TV anywhere bright. However, it should be noted that the TV doesn’t have really good
    viewing angles.

    Samsung Q70R

    The Q70R is the fancy LED series. If money is no problem for you then you definitely go for this one as it
    provides an amazing picture quality with a sleek design. Samsung has always outdone itself with its
    amazing TVs and certainly, the Q70R is one of the best examples of it.


    Now B8 remains to be on top of the list, however, you just can’t simply ignore the fact that B9 also
    comes with quite some enhancements that makes it to be in this list. The TV has support for Amazon
    Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 along with HDMI 2.1. The TV does provide great value for money.

    TCL 3 Series

    People who want to go below the 55-inches screen should definitely check out the TCL 3 series, as it
    provides a lot for the price tag it carries. This could serve as a good screen for your bedroom or your
    kids’ bedroom.

    Sony Master Series XBR-65A9G

    The TV is rather on the expensive side, however, it has an excellent color quality. The Sony 65A9G 
    comes with an amazing sound quality and a strong contrast. It can also be paired with Android TV where
    you can even provide for voice commands. It definitely provides for a great viewing experience that
    provides a full-house entertainment.

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