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    Five Ways Block chain Can Transform Search Marketing

    Few technologies exist today that can massively influence the marketplace and block chain is one of them. Ever since the block chain was launched, it has got the attention worldwide. Block chain can change the whole global market scenario. Although people say that its craze will fade away over time, still it is growing faster. Presently, professionals from the search marketing field are not aware of block chain technology, but in the future, it will start dominating the digital marketing industry. In this article, we will have a look at some ways block chain can transform search marketing in the future.

    What Is Search Marketing

    Search Marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. It is an online marketing strategy to boost your online traffic by using the free and paid approach to popular search engines. Today, a billion of the population are engaged in the search engine, to get the information they want. The information they search for is in the form of queries like the best restaurant in the world, best tourist place and others. Some people may be trying to search for specific products. Search marketing allows your website to be visible on the first page of search engines like google, bing, AOL etc. based on a specific query.

    Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology is an innovation in the field of technology. This technology came into existence, when the first-ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was launched successfully in the market. Traders can buy and sell through cryptocurrencies from the ongoing crypto news. After the Bitcoin was launched, blockchain has gained a lot of popularity among the tech-enthusiast, as it tends to change the whole market. It is a decentralized, trustless, transparent publicly accessible ledger, allowing users to quickly make transactions without relying on any third party like banks and payment portals. Blockchain is an ever-growing chain of immutable blocks, which cannot be tampered. Any change in the data stored will be reflected in millions of computers worldwide in a blockchain network.

     Ways Blockchain Can Transform Search Marketing

    1. Blockchain Will Effect Ad Payments

    Blockchain will change the way advertising agencies pay to search engines to market their products. Data companies like Google and Facebook charge a significant amount of money from digital marketing companies to run their advertisements on their web pages. These digital marketing agencies use data to monitor the customer's buying behaviour. With the help of blockchain technology, third parties will be eliminated, and everything will get decentralized.

    2 Transparency And Authentication

    When you search for products in e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. you have no idea about the manufacturing location and quality of the product. These companies can provide false information about the product. With the introduction of blockchain technology, people will know exactly where the product was manufactured, the quality of soil on which raw items were produced, This is important, as consumers today are showing more focus on the quality.


    3 Ad Transparency Will Be Achieved

    Blockchain can be applied to bring more transparency in advertisements to win the confidence of consumers. For example, Unilever is now teaming up with IBM on blockchain projects as they will be going to disclose information about how and where they utilize the customer's data.

    4. New advertising ecosystems are springing up

    Blockchain technology is influencing search marketing on a large scale. It is helping the upcoming advertising agencies to grow. For example, Ad shares are researching to provide a blockchain-based solution for advertisements. As blockchain-powered applications become more common, blockchain-friendly payment systems will increase in number.

    5 Blockchain Will Innovate User Experience

    Browsers using blockchain technology will enhance the digital experience of the internet user. One such example is Brave which is gaining popularity and getting much attention due to its privacy-respecting browsing experience. Without blockchain technology, our current knowledge about the marketing world is entirely useless, as blockchain has the potential to provide more personalized user-experience which keeps us away from some typical advertising gurus.

    Blockchain-based browsers will provide users with ad-free browsing experience changes in the future. As we know that every new technology takes a long time to get 100% user acceptance and growth, blockchain technology is still growing and will take a decade to grow to its full potential.

    Final Words

    In conclusion, we have seen five significant ways blockchain can transform search marketing. A most important application of blockchain technology is cryptocurrency. There are a lot of websites today, giving information about the latest crypto pricing. Today, search marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing where the focus is given on marketing through search engines. Search engines are important because people all around the world generally use them to find information. With the help of blockchain technology, search marketing will change as it will provide a more ad-free browsing experience to internet users. Blockchain technology will help new digital marketing companies to display their advertisements on the internet without any expense as third parties will be eliminated. Finally, we can say that blockchain will completely transform search marketing and will prove to be beneficial for both internet users and digital marketing companies as well.

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