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    Sentry safe QAP1BE gun safe Review-Don't purchase before you reading this!

    Sentry Safe is the long-time producer is safe and it is very secure industries specializing in low-end fire safes .its establish at home depot, Wal-Mart target and other boxes.
    This model is mostly used in car gun safe because it is very secure and effective model.it is made with high quality and it comes with very impressive features.so it has a very smart biometric access system.

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    If any problem occurs then it provides the backup key. The design of this product is very compact for suitable to any handgun .it comes with very strong solid steel construction and locking points.
    Model #QAP1BE is fastly accessing the pistol safe offers the two models of entry it features a biometric fingerprints scanner as well as combination keys. Its provide to use various access points. Its provided to the user is to take benefits of the stress situation for operating this model in one hand only. The safe product is open with the top as well as it makes the perfect option for desk drawers 

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    • Weight-12 pounds
    • External dimensions-3.2*12.0*9.9inches
    • Internal dimensions-2.2*9.7*6.6inches
    • Construction material-12-gauge steel
    • Max fingerprints-two
    • Batteries required -4*AA batteries
    • Batteries supplied –NO
    • Colour –Black
    • Fireproof –NO
    • Waterproof –NO
    • Mounting –Floor & shelf
    • Warranty –1 year limited manufacturer warranty
    • Brand –Sentry safe
    • Model- QAP1BE

    Key features:

    • Biometric fingerprints recognition technology
    • Additional options to set digital combination backup code
    • Durable 12-gauge stainless steel construction
    • Two gun capacity
    • Features an interior light

    • Biometric access
    • Strong & sturdy
    • Compact
    • High security
    • 3 methods of entry
    • Auto-open door provides quick access
    • Low cost
    • Not as fast as competitors
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    • Relatively expensive
    • Biometric fingerprints can sometimes not read properly, practice needed
    • Easy to break into
    • Unreliable manufacturer
    It holds a complete semiautomatic handgun. You can easily access the single-handed. This product provides the top opening.it constructs with solid steel construction& gives the whisper-quiet entry to the product

    Use the fingerprints for security

    Sensational innovation of digital safe combination to the fast entry of fingerprint gun safe case is without any queries to perfect answers for anyone can accept the more security. Technology is simply scanning the fingerprints. Its gives valuable benefits. Digital combination is permitted to individual protection for preventing an identify the illegal user.
    As per the model manuals, Sentry safe is very simple and more convenient & it is more secure to permits the encoding of two fingerprints.

    Single-handed access to safe

    Biometric is closed to safe the fast access to content because it requires the one hand for quick deportation lock.it required to only one second for metal fingerprints reader to unlocked the safe and safely initial with silent lid.
    Development of opinion to zero lock& it compression gas struck& warranty of quiet opening is permitted to any dangerous cases. When you save the lives then weapons are completely non-remarkable in a dangerous condition.  

    Robust and compact design 

    The model is safe and trouble-free use of the safe. Its heavy-duty 12 gauge solid steel construction, pry-resistant covers and small size permit to you can hide in the safe convenient place; it very required to simply operating to the weapons 


    According to our opinion, it is very amazing product .it is very simple to handle the biometric pistol safe.it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to safely store guns at home or office.
    It is easy to operate.it provides excellent protection & more important when you required you can be used anywhere because it is a compact model.

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