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    The Use of MicroServices Architecture in Precision Machining

    The Use of MicroServices Architecture in Precision Machining

    Microservices architecture is revolutionizing the field of precision machining, allowing for rapid technological growth and the integration of new techniques and improvements as they are developed.

    Enhancing Precision in CNC Machining with Microservices

    Microservices play a pivotal role in the digital replica platforms used in high precision CNC machining. These platforms comprise various components such as data collection, storage, computation, and more, which work together to enhance the precision and efficiency of CNC machining processes. Sensors, RFID tags, and other data collection devices are crucial in gathering detailed information necessary for precision machining.

    Invisible Numerical Control (INC) Based Schemes

    The core of precision machining services is the CNC system, which is being transformed by the integration of computer and information technology innovations. Modern manufacturing principles, like Industry 4.0, aim to improve adaptability, reduce costs, and enhance the versatility of systems through networked environments. This approach, however, faces challenges due to the local nature of CNC systems and their inability to operate on remote platforms.

    Microservice Architectures and Decision Support in Precision Machining

    The complexity of decision-making in precision machining is enhanced by microservice architectures. Tools like Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) and the Activation Levels Genetically Evolved Multi-Layer Fuzzy Cognitive Map (ALGE-MLFCM) are at the forefront of these architectures. They help in analyzing and evaluating critical factors, influencing the implementation of microservice frameworks in precision machining.

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