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    10 Free tools to Manage your Social Networks

    Social media marketing is a proven strategic method, powerful and profitable for the connection of a brand or company with its audience and customers.
    The reality is that most businesses, SMEs and medium-sized brands do not need powerful tools at the level of large companies. In fact, many of the best tools and platforms are available for free.
    Here we share 10 of the best tools to manage, program content, measure and analyze social networks:
    This platform is one of the most mature social media dashboards in the market, it has a complete set of features and a wide range of compatible networks. It is an excellent resource for social listening, and its Customizable reporting tools are among the best available. Unfortunately, the free version has some limitations, so it is substantially less powerful than the paid subscription options.
    SA offers a highly Customizable service that is fully compatible with all major digital marketing and social media platforms. SumAll allows you to create reports, and they are available on almost any device, in a wide range of formats.
    When it comes to an easy-to-use tool, Buffer  is in one of them. Designed primarily as a cross-platform tool for programming social media content, it also offers an instant way of how to make those posts. Free accounts are limited to a single set of social network accounts, and the service is only compatible with major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Although limited to Twitter, SocialBro offers a useful range of tools to measure the performance and commitment of your efforts. For a company that is very focused on Twitter-based marketing and little else, SocialBro offers a focused experience and a reasonably advanced dashboard “community discernment”. More advanced features, including global analysis, are only accessible to paid members.
    Often dismissed as a simple tool to measure your online popularity, but a surprisingly robust platform to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns on social media. Klout aims to track more than 400 metrics from eight of the major social networks on a daily basis, which provides a complete view of participation, reach and influence. Indeed, it is a control panel at a single glance for all your presence in social media.
    Google Analytics Visual.ly Report 
    Although technically it is not a scorecard for social networks, Visual.ly is an Infographic style reporting tool that offers a great instant view of your website’s statistics, including the results of the main sources of social media. It is a great tool to put your efforts on social media in the context of your website traffic in general, without getting lost in the details of the standard Google Analytics report.
    Facebook Insights of Visual.ly 
    Just like Google Analytics reports, FACEBOOK INSIGHTS FROM VISUAL.LY transforms dry data from the last 30 days of a page into a simple infographic. While it is not useful for most people who actually manage these accounts, this is a great tool to give other departments an easy tool to digest view of the overall performance of their Facebook page.
    Edgerank Checker 
    The invisible rules and weights of the Facebook algorithm can make or break a social media marketing Campaign. Although Edgerank can only make a better estimate of what your page is performing, it offers a variety of ideas and suggestions on how to improve the odds that your content will be displayed on your followers feeds.
    Social Mention 
    SM is in real time connected to social networks, this analysis tool provides a view as a search engine for content from users across the Internet. In addition to identifying the keywords, hashtags and users most associated with a particular website, company or brand, the system also provides a simple summary of user sentiment, passion and other tell-tale indicators from a variety of sources.
    It focuses on the performance of your content in existing social media, Buzzsumo helps you design better content that is more likely to be read, shared. You just have to search for a specific keyword, theme or category, and BuzzSumo will provide the best examples related to it. The system also offers ideas on why the content was well received, as well as the influential people who helped share it. Unfortunately, advanced reporting options are not available for free accounts.
    By combining these tools and services, you can create reports and insights on all aspects of your social media marketing plan. Many of these providers also have low cost Premium plans, which give you business-level data at a fraction of the cost. In a world where a few percentage points in a conversion metric can mean the difference between the success and failure of a marketing campaign, it helps to use all the advantages.

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