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    Vivo Smartphones in India

    The success of Vivo Smartphones in India: 5 Reasons to Know

    Vivo Smartphones in India

    Vivo is one of the most successful Chinese smartphones giants in India along with Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and others.
    One of the key reasons for the success of Vivo smartphones is its ability to launch feature loaded phones at lower prices. This formula has also worked for Xiaomi in India that helped it become the market leader.
    The revenue of Vivo has recently surged 78% and crossed Rs.10k crore marks in the financial year 2018. That’s sound like a great number for a company that came to India only a few years before.
    Vivo is now the third-largest smartphone player in India in terms of shipments, and its target audience has always been the budget category.
    Vivo mobile under 10000 and Vivo phones under 15000 has been the key price segments for the company to dominate.
    A large number of Indian customers want to get more features for a lower price when they go out to buy a smartphone, and this has been the base for Vivo.
    By launching affordable Vivo mobile under 10000 and Vivo phones under 15000, it has given range to the users to choose from at a lower price. Thus, let’s see vital reasons that have helped Vivo become a success story in India. Read on!

    1)    Offering advanced smartphones at lower prices

    The significant reason behind the success of Vivo could be attributed to its offering of features equipped smartphones at budget ranges. Hence, Vivo mobile under 10000 and Vivo phones under 15000 has worked wonders in India to help it climb higher in the market.
    From displays to camera specs to processors to performances and battery capacities and whatnot, Vivo has helped a user enjoy quality specs at a lower price. The company focused on the mid-segment category of smartphones priced between Rs.10,0000 to Rs.25,000 to target the affordable sweet spot in the price-sensitive market. 

    2)    Sponsoring of Indian Premier League (IPL) is a masterstroke

    Unless you don’t advertise or reach people the right way, you can’t succeed no matter how good your product is. Vivo knew this and bagged the sponsorship of India’s most-watched cricket event, the Indian Premier League (IPL) for around Rs.2,200 crores. The amount is at least 4-4.5 times more than the sponsorship figure of earlier IPL seasons. It helped the brand reach Indian homes during the event like no other and people embraced its products.

    3)    Signing Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador

    Another masterstroke that helped Vivo sell more smartphones in India was the signing of Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador. Khan charges around Rs.4 crore per day for shooting, taking his yearly remuneration to around Rs.15 crore.
    But, it was nothing for Vivo, which knew the art of standing apart from the crowd yet always being on the mind of people. The strategy paid big time for Vivo to laugh all the way to the bank as its number of shipments rose, making its third-largest mobile phone company in India.

    4)    Offering industry-first features in its range of smartphones

    When Vivo entered the Indian market in 2014, the market was gathering steam. Some established players were already selling more than a million phones per quarter. The market leader at that time was Samsung, closely followed by Motorola and Sony and Indian brands such as Micromax and Karbonn.
    But, Vivo made its way into the hearts of customers by launching industry first features in its range of mobile phones. Yes, it came out with models that appealed to Indians and launched the world’s slimmest smartphone and models with specialized cameras catering to their craze for selfies.

    5)    Launching offline stores to Sell smartphones

    Unlike other players like Xiaomi and Motorola that were focused on online sales, Vivo invested in strategies to get its models in offline stores all across India. The brand was also successful in drawing in retailers by offering them attractive margins.
    This way, when customers went to buy a Vivo smartphone, the retailers gave Vivo models preferences while showcasing them with the latest brands. It also helped the company create a niche in the competitive Indian smartphone market.  
    Vivo phones are stylish, classy and yet value for money and if you want to buy any of them, then you don’t need to hurt your wallets by paying for its price at once.
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