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    Move to cloud hosting in 4 steps

    If you are have realized that cloud is one of the most beneficial technologies for businesses then you have made the first step towards technological advancement but in order to reap the advantages of cloud, you will have to implement some of the best cloud computing solutions in your business. From cloud storage to big data analytics, cloud computing has various uses but in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the most advanced and used cloud computing solutions which is known as cloud hosting.

    Cloud hosting is basically the shifting of the application from the desktop to the cloud server. Although there are two options of cloud hosting; in-house server and third party cloud hosting but in this blog post we are going to talk about the most used cloud hosting option which is third party cloud hosting solution. In this economical hosting solution, a cloud provider hosts the application of its clients on its cloud server and the resources of the server is shared among different users. It is very much necessary for businesses to make a seamless shift to the cloud hosting solution and in this blog post, we are going to talk about a step by step process of making a seamless shift to the cloud hosting solution.

    1.       Decide your goal

    One of the first things which you should do before shifting to cloud hosting solution is to get clear about your goal and expectation from the cloud. Cloud hosting solution offers wide range of benefits and that’s why it is very necessary for you to decide what you really want from your cloud hosting solution. Some of the most common benefits of third party cloud hosting solution are global accessibility, high uptime, enhanced security, cost-effectiveness, scalability and much more. If you will not focus on your goal before moving to the cloud then you will not be able to get expected results from your effort. So, whether you want to save money or boost the security of your system, be clear about what you want from your cloud hosting solution.

        2.       Make a pool of some best hosting providers according to

       your need

    Then, you will need to search for the best hosting provider but you just can’t type best hosting provider on Google and pick one because choosing a hosting provider is the most important part of moving to the cloud. In order to choose the best hosting provider, you will have to first make a pool of some of the best hosting providers according to your need.  The list of hosting providers is very long and therefore sometimes, choosing the best one can be tricky. Following are some of the parameters on the basis of which you can make a pool of some of the best hosting providers out there:-
    Price- You should never overlook the price offered by a hosting provider as third party hosting solution is meant to be economical. In order to choose get the best deal, you should look at the price offered by different hosting providers. Like the QuickBooks hosting cost ranges from $25 to $60.
     Security- Another thing to look at while choosing a cloud hosting provider is the security. A good cloud hosting provider will never compromise with the security of your data and that’s why they will use the best security measures.
    Scalability- You should never miss to check the level of scalability provided by your cloud hosting provider as it matters a lot for mostly small and medium-sized businesses.
    Uptime- A good cloud hosting provider will always offer your high uptime. Never settle for anything less than 99.95% like in the case of Best QuickBooks hosting providers.

    3.       Pick the best one

    The third step will be to pick the best hosting provider from the pool which you have created in the second step. Different businesses have different hosting needs and therefore, you will need to look at your specific needs and then pick the best one after going through a thorough analysis and research of the available options.

    4.       Train your employees

    The fourth and the last step will be to train your employees for the upcoming cloud hosting solution so that they can be better prepared for and this will also help you to start working with the cloud hosting solution the moment it becomes a part of your firm.

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