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    How QuickBooks hosting fuels small businesses?

    Accounting has evolved a lot during the last two decades and technology has played a major role in it. Those days are long gone when businesses used to do accounting on pen and paper as now most of the businesses are using cloud-based accounting solutions like QuickBooks hosting. Although there are various cloud accounting solutions available in the market but most of the people prefer QB over all the other options. Currently, in the U.S only, QB is leading the market with more than 85% of market share and it is growing in other parts of the world as well.

    QuickBooks hosting solution can opt for all the three versions of QuickBooks as they are all cloud compatible. So, whether you are planning to go for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting or QuickBooks Premier hosting, you have all the options available. Earlier people used to work on the traditional accounting solution in which they have to first install the software on the internet and then only it was possible to use the software but all these changed with the introduction of cloud computing solution and the desktop installed QuickBooks shifted to QB hosting.
    In this blog post, we are going to talk about how QuickBooks hosting fuels small businesses and increases their productivity

    Global accessibility

    One of the best advantages of QB hosting is global accessibility. While using the traditional QB software, the user was limited to his office desktop when it came to accessing the software but all such limitations were wiped out after the introduction of QB on cloud. In the cloud hosting solution, everything is stored on the cloud platform whether it is your data or your software. That’s how you are able to get rid of the limitation of your desktop. In order to access the software from anywhere and anytime, the user just needs to use the internet-enabled device and he will be ready to work on his accounting software.
    This also makes managing remote employees very easy and convenient as the global accessibility gives the feature of multi-user accessibility through which the admin can add multiple people on a single project. One can access the software along with its data from any device which has internet access like mobile, tablet.

    Enhanced security

    Another major advantage of QB on cloud is improved security. Financial data is one of the most sensitive data for any company and that’s why one should never compromise on the security of their financial data. Storing financial data on the hard drive is not a good option as hard drive is vulnerable to various safety risks.  But if you will choose hosted QB solution then you will get bank level security for your financial data.
    The cloud platform comes intact with various security layers which makes it completely secure from all possible types of safety risks.  Anti-virus system, double factor authentication, encrypted data, malware protection and firewall system, all these security layers make the cloud platform completely secure. Even for the smartest hackers, getting their hands on the cloud stored data is almost near to impossible. So, with the help of cloud accounting solutions like QB hosting, businesses are able to work in c completely safe environment without any hassle and with peace of mind.

    Backup and disaster recovery

    Creating manual backup means inviting hassle and complexity. If a business decides to go for manual backup then first of all, it will have to manage multiple hard drives and then send them safely to the backup location. Manual backup creation is not only a complex job but it is time-consuming task as well.  But in the QuickBooks cloud hosting, the user gets automated backup and disaster recovery solution as well.
    The QuickBooks hosting provider offers nightly backup and that’s how the user if able to offload all the hassle of backup to the cloud provider. Along with this, the QB on cloud comes with the additional benefit of disaster recovery solution as the data is stored at various locations on the cloud.
    QuickBooks hosting may not be a panacea but it is surely a magic wand for small and medium sized businesses.  All the small businesses that are using QB on cloud have seen increase in productivity and effectiveness.  

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