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    12 do’s and don’t’s for a successful medical training Germany

    Medical training in Germany does not bifurcated into graduate and postgraduate medical programs, but the training period is for 6 years and is conducted in German.
    • Candidates should be well-versed in German language
    • Three months of nursing experience is a must
    • Medical studies require a lot of effort, hard-work and dedication
    • Study visa is mandatory as a proof
    • The visa may cost around 8000 Euros a year
    • Medical post-graduation in Germany  will cost around 25 lacs after completing MBBS in India
    • Medical PG in Germany will require 1 year for completion, after observation in the hospitals, the candidates get placement as hospital residents
    • A unique experience while studying and to get a dream job
    • Globally recognized medical degrees
    • Academic qualifications must be recognized
    • High grades in chemistry and biology will enhance the chance of getting admitted
    • To gain admission into the courses and evaluation of aptitude, the scores of examination test is conducted

    Don’t’s for successful medical training in Germany

    • Do not apply if your  medical degree is not recognized
    • Do not travel unless and until the application and visa is ready
    • Do  not travel without Schengen visa
    • Do not forget to obtain student visa 3 months prior to your departure in case you have received letter of acceptance from German University
    • Make sure to work alongside part-time while studying at German Universities
    • The work experience may help in future prospects, so make sure not to evade working part-time
    • Don’t forget to meet expenses of the city while stay, the candidates may need to carry additional money
    • Avoid evading examination  test conducted as it evaluates the aptitude of the candidate, and be well prepared to attempt the same
    • Avoid being playful and study hard to achieve respective dream goals
    • Maintaining decorum is important as a part of study program
    • If not aware of the German language pursuing medical training would be difficult
    • For the candidates in order to be prospectus and fruitful working hard, dedicating time for study with application of knowledge is important

    Being punctual is a part of their routine as Germans are highly punctual and reaching classes on time is compulsory. Shaking hands with your peers is a friendly gesture. Talk to elders in a respectful manner. People in Germany are organized and abide by the rules whether it is traffic or garbage segregation. Addressing PHD’s as doctors or professor’s reflects our sense of respect. Germany is conducive for higher studies with respect to the tuition fees when compared to other countries. However, these are certain etiquettes to be followed while in Germany, which paves fruitful relationship with peers during the stay.

    However, there are certain rules to be followed while being in Germany. One should not visit during the office hours after 5:00 P.M. Seek permission before giving a call over the weekends or late hours for any official reasons.Punctuality is recommended as it is a sign of respecting the other individual and dressing formally and conservatively during meetings is considered a good etiquette. German culture is different from other cultures of the world. A good understanding of German culture would be beneficial, so that it does not offend anyone who is German.

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    Germany is a good place for medical training as it offers a wide variety of employment opportunity with exposure to the scientific and medical industry apart from academic orientation. The quality of life is economical as the tuition fee is not so exorbitant unlike other countries. It has a way of surprising people from different countries with its cultural and historical significance. The training enhances the application of knowledge in the respective domain with access to a variety of courses that one can choose from. The quality of education is impeccable and meets the international requirements for placements and to practice as a medical professional. German language exposure provides feasibility while interacting with the patients and while communicating with the locals. The Universities offer variety of courses to choose from which provide an individual to obtain a confidence level before starting practice because of cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques implemented with hands-on experience, which strengthens the impact of education. The training programs aims at providing hassle free environment for greater prospects, so that candidates don’t become obsolete due to insufficiency as far as skills are concerned. The candidates should take utmost care that their medical degrees are recognized before applying to any Universities in Germany apart from visa application. The visa application process may be tedious with various aspects involved. Although, one should obtain letter of acceptance from any German University, the visa processing must be done 3 months prior to obtaining entry to Germany.

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    The campus with high quality training makes Germany an ideal place for medical training. The interaction and transfer of knowledge among the peers provides instils a sense of satisfaction and a sense of contentment. The candidates can relax as the campus provides sports and other activities while away from studies. Germans are friendly and would support when greeted with respect. This way it paves a way for mutual respect for people from different countries. German lifestyle is  favourable for many Europeans as well as non-Europeans  as there is a great deal of excitement and exposure during study at the Universities.

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