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    4 Compelling reasons to Use Outdoor Digital Signage Ads

    Advertisement is the life blood for any business. On an average 7% of total business revenue is allocated for advertisement and marketing activities. The consumers are always on hurry and busy most of the times. There is an enormous fight between agencies to get the maximum of ad budget for their client. The competition to grab consumer attention is ever increasing and it’s becoming tough.

    Ad mediums are broadly categorized under above the line and below the line activity. They have evolved over a period of time like print, digital, outdoor, etc. No doubt that every ad medium is different and it has its own purpose.

    Outdoor Digital Signage

    Consumers are exposed more than 6000 ads and continuously bombarded day and night. Ad medium try to grab consumer attention that are willing and ready to make the purchase of your product or service. But the print ad, paper ad or even web ads create noise and become a nuisance to them. But Digital signage ads are different. Digital display ads it doesn’t waste precious time of your consumers; gets the message right across within a fraction of a second.

    Only for that very important moment, no matter for how brief it is your brand is comes in front of your customer and becomes center of their world. That’s why more than 60% people who can be your prospective customer do actually notice you digital signage ads. Out of all ads medium Digital Display Signage has become a true game changer and one of the most preferred marketing collaterals by every profit or non-profit organizations.

    There are many reasons why one should consider Outdoor Digital Signage Ad for your business. Let’s understand the most definitive reasons why you need it.

    1.It’s Highly attractive, Visibility

    Digital signs are brighter and amazingly eye-catching when compared to traditional media. The number of ad view impression is high as more than 60% of customers will definitely see your ads. They grab more attention and seen even in dark or in a bright direct sunlight. The ad can be seen even from a good distance whether single or multi color.  The digital ads convey message to them quickly and instantly. The visuals are so attractive that it conveys the message more than just words alone.  The digital ads improve overall aesthetic appeal of any advertisement. It connects with your customer, engages with them and your message is remembered for a longer period of time.

    2.It’s highly Personalized and customizable,

    Every customer is different and every ad is different. Ads are created considering changing seasons, product promotions, campaigns, etc. keeping the demographics and target group in mind. It is so dynamic in nature which needs a customized or personalized solution to cater this demand. The digital signage display ads provide this solution. It can be used to target customers with changing needs and changing business objective.
    You can easily change the ad message, text, and graphics anytime you want. You can change designs customize as per business goals and your target audience. You just need to change the display or the content to make it more informative, engaging and entertaining to the customer.

    3.Increase brand awareness and overall sales

    Creating brand awareness is the first and most important step in any business. Brand awareness is directly proportional to the profit.           Hence, it is a continuous advertisement activity for a business. A digital display signage encourages more walk-ins and thus can increase sales by more than 30%. It streamlines ones shopping experience and encourages them from window shopping to the point of purchase. Digital signs decrease confusion and relieve frustration in your customers. It’s an efficient tool to up-sell and cross-sell.

    4.It’s versatile, Cost-Effective and better ROI

    Digital Signage can enhance the customer experience and create a new revenue stream for you. Digital Signage space you can be used to collaborate with other businesses who is non-competing and complementing with similar demographic customer profile.

    Apart from initial set up cost; they don’t need much time or money for any changes in design or installation in future. All these changes can easily be updated within fraction of time. It also consumes less energy and requires low maintenance. It is very durable and non-breakable due to which it last longer compared to other ad medium. They are with minimum repairs and maintenance.

    These messages can be automated and scheduled based on time or day in a week or month. All changes are monitored in real time. Hence, makes it truly profitable in long run

    There are some best practices to execute for a successful digital signage Ad. These principles are simple and time tested. These are as follows.
    • Choose the right Purpose
    • Always keep it Short and Simple (KISS).
    • Write a Strong Headline.
    • Make it more readable at a distance
    • Follow 3 X 5 Rules for Copy.
    • Must have great visuals
    • Design your creative as per customers viewing pattern
    • Choose the correct Call to Action
    • Choose the right Time
    • Continuously Monitor, Measure and Review

    No matter how good or how simple it may seem; you would need an expert who can get you the results you need within the budget and within time.

    The ads are purpose driven a good agency can elevate your overall advertising and marketing needs. Many factors need to be considered before executing ad like the placement and location, designing the right creative, good selection of materials and more.

    Welcome to Digital Koncept,
    We are an Advertising Agency located in Dubai. We have cumulative of more than 10 years experience in advertisement industry. We offer comprehensive advertisement with outdoor and indoor digital signage advertising solutions in UAE. We provide ad solutions that are customized to meet your business needs with modern techniques. We are more than happy to help with your Outdoor Digital Signage needs.

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