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    7 Things you can do on Android Phone But not on iPhone

    Smartphones come with a variety of features and specifications. Most of the services in smartphones are common except those related to their software. There are different mobile operating systems for different smartphones. The most popular operating systems in smartphones are Android and iOS.
    Smartphones are available from mid-range to high-end segment. You can buy a Vivo phone under 15000 and enjoy the latest features of a smartphone. But before you buy a mobile phone, it is important to know the operating system behind it.
    Many people get lured by the attractive specifications of iPhone with iOS as the operating software. But there are many things that you can do on an Android phone but not on an iPhone. Read on to know about them!

    1.Record phone calls

    One of the major benefits of an Android phone over an iPhone is the call recording feature. Almost all Android smartphones have the option to record a call. The option to do so is in the dial pad. For Android phones that do not have an in-built recording feature, there is an option to install third-party apps to do the same.


    Split-screen is another feature that is present in an Android phone but not in an iPhone. Split-screen feature allows you to open multiple apps at the same time in split-screen mode.

    3.Choose default apps

    You can download an app on an iPhone but cannot set it as default. But in the case of an Android phone, you can change default apps. It allows you to choose an app for a specific function and set it as default by changing the app’s settings in the phone.

    4.Customization options

    You have the option to customize themes, wallpapers and launchers on an Android phone. You can choose from apps available on the Google Play Store and customize your screen display. Whereas, iPhones have only one lock screen and home screen.

    5.Manage phone’s internal storage

    You have access to an Android phone’s full internal storage. The Android operating system allows you to manage your phone’s internal storage. You can copy, rename, delete and share files. You can even move files around your phone and change them as per your need.

    6.Access to all files with USB

    You can connect Android phone with your computer like any other drive for access to your files. When you connect your Android phone with your laptop or desktop, you can view all your files and folders present in its internal storage system. But an iPhone allows you access only to photos when connected to another device.

    7.Guest account

    Android phones have a guest-mode feature that iPhones lack. This mode allows you to log in to a separate profile. This way, you have the option to hide your data while sharing your phone with someone else. You can have multiple accounts with their apps and content.

    8.Set data limit alerts

    Android phone users have the facility to limit background data consumption. There is a Data Saving Mode available in the settings option of the Android mobile phones. This mode lets you set a data limit and enables you to save data. You get alerts on reaching the specific data limit set by you, and hence you can manage your data usage accordingly.

    9.Smart text selection

    Smart text selection is another feature enabled by the Android operating system. This feature makes use of Google’s advanced machine learning techniques. It recognizes the text as a contact number, email ID or address. When you tap for long on a selected text, it gives you the options.

    10.Install apps from the internet

    An Android phone lets you install apps from the internet. You can download an app from the website. It also allows you to test the app before downloading it. This feature is not available on iPhones.
    Both Android and iOS are good operating systems. While buying a phone, you should consider your requirements and make a selection. Now that you know the additional features of an Android phone, you can consider buying one of the best Oppo phones under 10,000. You can spread the cost and pay in fixed EMIs rather than a one-time payment only on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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