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    Facebook Ads Break

    Popular social media platform Facebook is introducing ad breaks or Facebook monetization features to its users for online earning. It is a platform created by Facebook that will allow users to earn online income. So if you are interested in online earning, you can start working here for extra income. Currently, many users are making a good amount of money by taking advantage of this platform. Here is the opportunity to about “how to earn money from facebook? ”Let's talk more with you about facebook ads break.

    What is Facebook monetization or ads breaks?

    Facebook Ads break is an online platform that allows you to earn lots of money by monetization uploads video on facebook. You may have heard of YouTube's video monetization. Facebook Ad breaks is similar to video monetization on YouTube. As the number of users increases daily, Facebook has introduced this feature to increase their revenue as well as create a source of income for users. So you can now take it as a source of income, not just as a means of communication.

    How to get an Advertisement?

    You don't have to worry about advertising. Facebook will serve the Advertisement in your video. You only need to start the 'monetization' feature on Facebook. Different advertisers advertise their product on Facebook. With this feature, Facebook promotes those ads in the video instead of money. Video creators are paid some of the money earned from advertising donors.

    How to launch facebook ads break program?

    Turning on ad break features is an easy task. To turn on ad breaks, you must first have a separate page under your profile. Without the Facebook page, you will not be able to turn on features under profile or group. You can turn on the feature on any Facebook page. Let's find out how to apply for monetization.
    1) First, you have to visit the Facebook Creative Studio page. Then log in here using the user id and password of your Facebook account.
    2) 'After logging into the account, a dashboard will pop up on the left.
    3) Then, from the dashboard, select the option called monetization. Scroll the page and click 'Set up monetization' for reviews.
    4) After applying for monetization, you will be notified within a few days after being reviewed by Facebook. When the feature is turned on, your videos will display different ads from Facebook. Facebook will pay you to show ads through your videos.

    Eligibility to activate ad breaks:

    There are some obligations if you want to enable monetization features on Facebook. The page that you want to start the monitoring features must have some necessary eligibility for monetization.
    1) The page on which you want to turn on the monetization feature must have 10000 followers.
    2)This feature is not available for the entire country. So you must live in one of the eligible countries and post the content by selecting one of the eligible languages.
    3)Your page must comply with all of Facebook's partner monetization policies.
    4)All videos on your page will have a total of 30000 views in the last 60days. And these 30,000 people need to watch your video for at least 1 minutes.

    Video ineligibility:

    Not all videos will be eligible for monetization on Facebook. Some condition must be matched to serve ads on the video.
    1) If you add a few pictures and create a slideshow and upload it to Facebook, it will not be considered a video.
    2) If you make a video by adding different video pairs, then it is not suitable for monetization.
    3) It is not accepted for facebook monitoring if that can create religious, ethnic, political and social violence.
    4)Besides, you can't enable monetization on any 18+ video.
    5)The content of the video should be made entirely your own. Uploading content to another person is not acceptable for monetization.

    Advantages of using facebook ads break :

    1) You can generate a good amount of income through this program.
    2) This platform can give you a good amount of income by sitting at home.
    3) With the help of any device, the program will be accessible.
     4)You have complete freedom in this work. You can work on your own time.
    5) You can use this platform for free. Do not need to pay any charges to Facebook.


    Currently, earning from Facebook has become quite popular. Numerous boys and girls have taken advantage of this opportunity offered by Facebook. Many youths are gathering on Facebook in hopes of earning more. So if you also want to try this as a part-time job you can go with this opportunity.

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