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    How to Start E-commerce Business in India?

    The e-commerce business is witnessing a huge growth in India, supported by Internet penetration and the Smartphone market. The affordability of internet connections has been a boon for the e-commerce industry, thus leading to smaller retailers in ecommerce worlds as well. Market figures indicate that the Indian ecommerce market is growing day by day.

    Tips to start ecommerce business in India:

    Making The Right Business Plan Over Time:

    Since your e-commerce business is through a website, never rush to create a website. By creating a website in a low cost in a short period of time, you may not have the opportunity to create a business-friendly feature, or you may find that your website is at risk, or the features of the website may not be working properly. Then there will be no way to leave the website and create a new one. So, take the time, plan, not just today, plan what opportunities you want to bring to your website in the future, and have the opportunity to do them in the future, even if you don't create one now.

    Website Selection Technology:

    It's best to use PHP technology to create a medium or large e-commerce website, but in that case, do not create a website in RHP as it can be difficult to change and maintain the website later and the security risk is high. If your business model is similar to traditional e-commerce then CMS such as Magento or OpenCart, and if your business style is a bit different than traditional e-commerce, then a good framework such as Laravel or Codeigniter can be used to create custom. Creating a website with these technologies makes upgrading and managing your website much easier. Moreover, it is easier to find people working in these technologies as compared to other technologies. These CMSs and frameworks are also established as secure and reliable.

    Plan The Design Of The Website:

    When designing a website you should keep in mind that the design is very nice, but there is no use or complexity of additional colors. Besides, the whole online shopping process is made very easy. With less clicks you can take your customer from seeing your products to submitting orders and making payments, the acceptance of your website will increase. The less information you have to type in the registration or order form of your website, the more comfortable the customer will be.
    High quality image will play the most important role in making your website attractive. The more attractive the product images, banners and images used on the website, the more attractive the customer will be.

    Determining the Feature and Facility of the Website:

    All e-commerce websites have products, are shopping, can be paid online, delivery is also available. So if you have only these, you can't specifically highlight your e-commerce website to the customer. Some of the Unique Features and Facilities You Want, Customers can shop online nicely, so keep a video of the shopping process on the website if needed, so that you can get a better understanding of how to shop when Customers first arrive.

    Offer Discount Coupons to Customers:

    After ordering, help the customer to trust you with payment and order confirmation via mail and SMS. Give the customer a point on his purchase, so that he can later receive the product or gift from you instead. Take the customer's date of birth at the time of registration and then send a gift on his birthday. You will see that he has a special interest in your store. Turn on affiliate marketing.

    Do Business Analysis:

    When you are running a business, you must have a digital system to analyze your business. Without Business Analysis, you will never be able to do the right business plan. Then you can better understand who is buying, why you are buying, where you are buying, shopping is more and less. Based on this you can create product and offer plans. Arrange for comments from visitors to the website. So you can find out about the buyer's preferences and plan accordingly.

    Better arrange customer support:

    It is your responsibility to assist Customers in all manner of shopping. The more support you give to a customer, the more you wants to buy from your store. When ordering, the customer should have a chance to talk to you, and learn about the product or delivery - so make sure to chat on the website. Contact customer immediately after order submission and help his order process be completed. If the customer cancels the order after payment, arrange for his payment return as soon as possible. You may be wondering, if you are not buying a customer, what the loss is if you pay late payment. But if the customer gets a quick return, you will find the courage and interest to order three again.

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