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    How to Use Hair Dryer Properly!

    1.Choose the most effective dryer for your hair. you'll need a blow dryer that includes a kind of heat and air settings therefore you'll be able to management your look. Temperature can have an effect on the form of your hair, whereas flow of air can facilitate set a mode.
    Most hair dryers escort an assortment of attachments. Use a diffuser nozzle if you have got curling hair. A concentrator nozzle can assist you direct the flow of air therefore you'll be able to dry specific sections, like your bangs or roots, while not poignant the remainder of your hair.
    You may additionally think about employing a diffuser if you have got curling hair and wish to stay it curly. However, this is often not a decent choice if you propose to straighten your hair once you blow dry it.

    Many people can need a hair dryer that utilizes around 1,800 watts. If you have got curling hair, you'll solely would like a hair dryer with around 1400 watts. If your hair is particularly thick, you would possibly contemplate getting a hair dryer that goes as high as 2000 watts.

    2. Select a medium or low heat for your hair dryer. Higher heats will cause injury and create hair frizzly, therefore it's typically best to start out on a lower setting and increase the temperature bit by bit. Don't use the cold setting tho', or it'll set your hair into place!

    Using your hair dryer while not an attachment will cause injury to your hair. The air that comes directly from the hair dryer is usually too hot. Use those attachments for happy, healthy hair!
    Separate an area of your loose hanging hair along with your brush. take away any hair clips from that section you will are using. If you're employing a spherical brush, you'll be able to even wrap this section of your hair round the brush. begin at the rear of your head if you're employing a spherical brush.

    Avoid gathering an excessive amount of hair along with your brush. collection smaller segments of hair along with your brush can enable you to dry it quicker with less heat. this can facilitate stop injury to your hair.

    3. Pull on the comb to stay your hair taut. the majority realize that it's best to manage their hair once it is force at a small downward angle. this can facilitate your hair dry quicker and stop frizziness.

    4.  Aim your hand blower at the phase your hair on the comb. Continue slowly brushing that phase as you dry it. If you purpose your dryer nozzle at a downward angle, you'll facilitate sleek and shine your hair. Continue this method for all of the hair on the perimeters and back of your head.

    5. Gather and bind the dry hair from the perimeters and back of your head. Twist them into a clip or staff of life to form a wavy impact. alternatively, you'll be able to tie them into a loose hair style to assist straighten your hair.[12]
    6.Remove the clip holding the hair on the highest of your head. enable it to fall forward over your face. Keep the wet hair on the highest of your head from combination with the hair you simply dried.

    7. Pull the hair from the highest of your head forward exploitation your brush. Extend your hair outward, on top of your forehead for best access. attempt to keep your wet hair from mingling with the hair that you just have already dried.
    This can be the trickiest part of drying long hair thanks to the awkward angle you would possibly got to hold your hair and dryer. you must use an outsized mirror to assist you see what you're doing.

     8. Target the roots of your hair on the highest of your head with the hand blower. Use high heat to quickly raise your roots. this can facilitate add volume to your hair.

    9. Pull your hair forward with the comb as you target it with the dryer. Slowly change surface your hair as you dry it from root to finish. Repeat this method till your hair is dry to the bit.
    Remember that you just ought to still hold the hair drier so it blows air on your hair at a downward angle. this can facilitate your hair maintain a sleek and shiny look.

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