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    Top 5 Technologies Used in Call Centers

    The customer and its measured rate of satisfaction are two reasons that are responsible for running the successful call center in an organization.
    Today, the business sector is moving at agile speed, swaddled with numbers of technology that is trailing the moves of the advanced digital aeon.
    If we talk specifically about the Call Center Services, it is the podium through which organization tends to contact customers via Inbound and Outbound call center services. Call center drops several sets of benefits in favour of business and customers, as well.
    Call center let the business explore the set of a potential customer with the vision to convert them into the final consumer of their product or services.
    The Inbound call center encompasses Customer Support, Help Desk Services, Live Chat as a major functionality. Whereas, the Outbound call center encompasses Telemarketing, Third-Part Verification, Lead Generation as a major subdivision for offering services to the customer.
    Let’s explore the detailed structure of the call center and the technologies used in the domain to complete the need of a business.

    What Exactly is Call Center Technology?

    According to Forrester, ‘63% of business owners ponder on implementing the latest set of technology and make investments for them, in order to reach the goal’.
    Irrespective of the type of services call center is offering, the tools and technology used in the whole procedure play a prominent role.
    Be it a software used in the call center for delivering outstanding call center services or matching the pace with emerging trends, each one requires an uninterrupted flow of services which could be only possible if call center implements the latest set of technologies.
    Basically, call center technology lets the business move its service to the customer with best-fabricated solutions without or least possible human intervention. Call Centers in India, US and Philippines are considered as the major hub for delivering the best possible solutions to the customer-centric business across the latitudes of the globe.

    Top 5 Technologies That Your Call Center Must Have

    The call centers are practicing to advocate business’s goal in more approachable ways laced with modern technologies, that is enough to change the track of customer retention and inflate the graph of revenue generation along with call center services.
    Implementation of technology in the shell of the call center may help you extract the best out of value.
    Let’s have a generic review at 5 call center technology, that your center should hold in order to perform best for the core:

    1.Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of the recognized technology widely prevailed in the domain of the call center. Call centers in India, US, UAE and UK are using this technology for reducing the Average Handle Time (AHT) by the call center executive for catering the number of calls in the sector.
    Basically, IVR is the automated response system, that is designed with the purpose to cater the need of customers without getting in contact with an actual and real agent. It assists the customer by offering step by step guide via an interactive automated system.
    When the customer creates a call to customer care of an organization, he may get to hear the recorded conversation that helps in redirecting the customer to the area of its interest or astriction.
    Further, IVR redistributes the caller among the agents of the call center, if they insert a response to get in contact or talk with the real executive for getting the resolution of an issue.

    2.Call-Back Services

    It is one of the latest modes of technology used by call centers in India, US and other major hubs. The technology lets the customer save their precious time instead of waiting in the queue for getting the call answered by the executive of a call center.
    The add-on in call center lets the customer create a request for a call back from the executive as soon as possible.

    3.Predictive Dialer

    The Predictive Dialer is the automated mode of outbound call centers. The dialer automatically creates a set of calls based on their preferred channels such as text, phone call, email, etc. It let the executive screen the busy calls, disconnected calls and other sources for a better understanding of call center services.
    Also, when the call is created via predictive dialer it automatically connects the call to call center agent, when answered. The adaption of technology in the call center saves the time of an executive on baseless attempts, which also results in delivering better services to the customer.

    4.Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

    The Computer Telephony Integration is the combination of call getting served with the combination of duo i.e; computer and telephone system, as well.
    The implementation of technology in call center bolsters in increasing the efficiency and productivity of a call center executive and organization.
    In CTI, the telephonic system is connected with the computer screen that helps in tracking down the complete details of the customer. When the inbound call is created, the screen pop-up appears on the screen of an executive, which gives all basic and required information about the customer that may help in converting the lead in the sale.
    Thus, the integration of calls helps in cutting the span of time required to answer the call and understand its primary concern.

    5.Voice Biometrics

    With the evolution of technology, the risk to get thug stands at a supreme level. Thus, the call center in India, US and UK are standing against the cases of ordeals pertaining to the frauds by implementing the technology of voice recognition or voice biometrics in the section of the call center.
    Voice Biometrics let the call center executive differ the way and tone of speech, which further bolsters in scanning the caller at another end to prevent the data of the customer and the organization from the fraudster.

    In Conclusion

    Implementing the call center technologies help in assisting the call center agents to offer seamless support and call center services to its customers.
    The call center is one of the main pillars that’s responsible for holding a successful business. Thus, it is essential to match up the pace with technologies emerging in the domain.

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