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    T-Shirt Design - Choosing the best method Screen, heat press and Digital Printing

    T-Shirt Design - Choosing the best method Screen, heat press and Digital Printing
    Different techniques are often used to print the design of your shirt on your shirt and, as expected, produce different results. During this article, we examine the heat press printing, screen printing and digital printing of t-shirts and, therefore, the pros and cons of everyone, to help you select the simplest ones thanks to creating the shirt of your dreams. I am pretty sure that if you follow these guidelines so you will get an outstanding printing method for your business. So let’s have look and keep reading it!

    Screen printing for t-shirts

    If you had a hardworking professor at the university, you would try an easy screen printing version during which a template for each color of your design creates the spaces where the ink is often pressed on the material. An equivalent principle is applied in professional screen printing of t-shirts, although there is greater automation of particular printing once the configuration has been completed.

    Digital printing

    It is sometimes called, "direct digital printing to the garment" or simply DTG. This system involves the use of water-based textile inks for the shirt using a specialized digital printer. The planning is usually fixed on the garment with a heat press.

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    Heat press machines

    Mainly, heat press machines come in two basic types. They are known as folding machines and clam machines. Let's know a little about the types and their outstanding characteristics. Then, you will read about other features to look for when buying one. Heat press machine also provides cost-effective printing for easy to finish client requirements, few essential tips you show looking before making your final decision. Below let’s have looked at some essential tips for consideration!

    Clam heat press:

    A clam thermal press comes with a top plate that can be raised. When the machine is in operating the mode, this stage rises. On the other hand, the lower stage tends to slide towards the machine operator. What makes this machine excellent is that it will not take up much space. Therefore, you can install it even in a small room. For a small workplace, this machine is a great option.

    Folding heat press:

    This press works differently. Unlike the type of clam, the top plate of this machine moves up and from side to side as well. The fact is that most of these pressing machines come with plates that can be moved around 100 degrees. Therefore, you have a lot of flexibility when using this press.

    Choosing the simplest t-shirt printing technique

    When considering which technique to choose for a t-shirt run, many of us ask which one provides the simplest quality finish. The simplest technique depends on the design of the shirt you would like to print, as some are better suited to each technique. It also depends on the colors you are printing and, therefore, also on the color of the bottom garment.:

    The simplest t-shirt designs for screen printing

    Bold designs with thick lines and few colors are the most suitable for screen printing, producing very high-quality results. If you are using a digital image with a combination of fine colors or black and white shading in the design of your shirt, the screen print simply will not be ready to reproduce the image well. Of course, other factors will influence the value of the race of your shirt, such as the amount that is produced, especially because the screen printing implies greater fixation before printing can begin. The number of colors within the design also affects the value since a special screen is required for each color. If the design of your shirt is comparatively simple, screen printing could be the simplest option because it produces a very high-quality finish. Many in the t-shirt printing industry argue that the simplest color vibration can only be produced by screen printing. The robustness of the screen-printed shirts after multiple uses and washes is also considered the simplest, but in fact, the standard of the inks used and, therefore, the base garment will also be an element.

    The simplest t-shirt designs for digital printing

    Advances in printing technology have greatly improved the finish of digitally printed T-shirts in recent years. If you tried it a couple of years ago and you were disappointed to see points in your design, don't let it discourage you now. Modern t-shirt digital printing machines produce better finishes now, with greater durability than ever. If you are using a photograph or complex, the multicolored image in the design of your shirt, digital printing is thanks to going because you can reproduce photorealistic designs. Also, it is the cheapest option if you simply need to produce a small number of shirts because installation costs are lower. An important factor to take into account with digital printing is that the color of the bottom garment, as usual, that color is the most prominent within the design, and as a result, the best effects are achieved with white t-shirts when printing a Multicolored Design. Only the best DTG t-shirt printers could also be ready for excellent results with black or dark t-shirts. White ink printing can still be problematic, thus avoiding the use of DTG printing t-shirt for designs that contain substantial white areas, especially on dark-based garments, maybe a good choice.


    With the advances in digital printing of t-shirts in recent years, it is not simply that "screen printing produces the simplest results"; instead, start with the requirements of your design and examine whether screen printing or digital printing of DTG shirts can reproduce it better. In short, if your design is simple and has few colors, screen printing is usually the method of choice, but It can be more expensive for a small impression. If the design of your shirt involves many colors and photorealistic images, then digital printing should be your first choice. Of course, the simplest t-shirt printing companies will be happy to.

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