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    Email Marketing for Startups –6 Tips to Skyrocket your Brand Visibility

    Starting your venture can be quite thrilling. After all, you are fighting the odds! According to Forbes, only 30 percent of startups make it. Does this mean you should be worried?
    No! It means you should take the right steps from the get-go. This involves working on branding and marketing your business.

    According to a report published by the State of Inbound, generating leads and traffic for business remains the biggest challenge.

    Considering that most startups are limited on resources, effective marketing is a necessity. One excellent method is email marketing. Why does it work? Well, according to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has an ROI of 4400%!
    Merely, email marketing is not enough. You must do it the right way. Here are some proven email marketing tips that are bound to skyrocket your brand visibility.

    1.      Ask for consent

    You wouldn’t want your email campaign to go to waste just because it either ended up in the spam folder or worse, was blocked by your potential customer.
    How can you prevent this from happening? By seeking your customers’ consent before you shower them with emails. If you don’t do so, not only will you hamper your brand’s visibility, but you will also end up damaging your brand reputation.

    By asking for consent from the start, you will be able to identify the best customers for your business. You can then create engaging content to ensure high brand visibility among them.

    2.      Create the right first impression

    You need to work on each element of your email marketing campaign. All great brands do so. For instance, Leather Skin Shop has an excellent email marketing campaign, which begins from a welcome email once visitors sign-up and then goes on to deliver incentives and relevant news to their subscribers.
    This matters a lot.
    Before you begin working to boost brand recognition, you must first create an engaging and exciting email. This will help you create a favourable first impression.

    Apart from building a great first image, welcome emails also help in informing customers regarding your product offerings. Since it a personal and customized mode of communication, there is a higher chance that customers will retain it, compared to standard marketing tactics like ads and brochures.
    The fact that over 47 percent of marketers are already using multi-step welcome emails says a lot about the effectiveness of it.

     3.      Don’t make it too promotional

    Yes, for your business to succeed, you need to generate revenue. Every marketing decision is made, keeping this ultimate goal in mind. And consumers also know that you want their business. Still, you shouldn’t opt for a hard-sell approach.
    A hard-sell approach is synonymous to over-the-top promotional content. Here, the centre of attention is the product, which you pitch to consumers. Compared to this, a consumer-centric approach is one where you softly promote your product by linking it to a significant benefit.
    For your emails, your tone should be that of a helper rather than a seller. Show your concern for the problems your target audience faces. Then, proceed to illustrate how your offering can solve the problems.

    How will this improve brand visibility? Well, by building a positive image of your brand, this approach will help convert your customers into your advocates. Not to mention that these customers will more likely read all your emails.

    4.      Create valuable content

    Email marketing is nothing but content marketing. And content is the hardest to get right. Many people struggle to produce spellbinding content.

    This is one skill you will have to master if you wish to boost your brand visibility. To increase brand awareness and visibility, you must ensure readership. And in today’s fast-paced world, no one has the time to go through things that don’t provide them value.
    Hence, you must deliver the right type of content via your emails. To do so, make sure you know your target audience well. Understand their interest, behaviour patterns and preferences. Interact accordingly with them.

    To make sure that your brand is perceived as an industry expert, make sure you deliver insightful content as well. This can include news about the sector.

    5.      Personalize to stand out

    Did you know that over 281.1 billion emails were sent and received in 2018? That’s an enormous figure! While it showcases how powerful of a tool email can be, it also poses a challenge for startups. How can you stand out when there is so much clutter out there?
    With every passing day, it is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out via your email campaign. To make sure your brand is visible among the plethora of options, opt for personalization and segmentation.

    To understand your customers’ better, make their segments. For instance, divide your subscribers based on demography, purchase history, age, gender and buying behaviour etc. You can then figure out how to talk to each of these segments in a personalized manner.
    Here, personalization doesn’t just come from addressing the customer by their name. Instead, you can customize the subject line to send a behavioural trigger. Alter the body of the email to show your customers that you know and care about them. Seventy-seven per cent of marketers are already doing this!

    6.      Have a strong CTA

    The objective of your email marketing campaign is to boost brand visibility and generate leads. This is why you need to redirect customers either to your website or convince them to purchase from you.
    This is where a CTA, or Call-to-Action comes in.
    Make sure to use a single CTA so that your customers don’t get confused. Your customers must be clear about what action is needed and what that said action will get them.

    Build Your Brand through a Strong Email Marketing Campaign

    You can easily make your brand visible and loved if you employ the right email marketing campaign! Keep the six tips in mind and watch the difference to your ROI.

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