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    Things To Know About Anti-Hairfall Serum

    There are many products available in the market for men to style their hair. These include hair gels, pomade, wax, serums, etc., and it is easy to get confused in deciding what to choose, why to choose, and how to use them. Among all such hair products, anti-hairfall serum for men stands out as it acts as a finisher and can be used to style the hair, tame frizzy hair, and add shine. Additionally, some serums also prevent sun damage and boost the volume of your hair. However, before you begin using an anti-hairfall serum, it is essential to know all about it. Mentioned below are some tips which might come in handy.

    How to Apply

    There are two ways to apply the serum - pre-wash and post-wash. It is advisable to use it post-wash to give your hair the required shine. It is best to apply the serum directly to wet hair. Take 2-3 drops in your hand, rub it between your palms, and then rub it on the strands of your hair. Do not use it on the scalp and do not use too much serum as it can make your hair look heavy and greasy. You can then use a comb to style your hair accordingly.

    Brand and Cost

    It is essential to invest in anti-hairfall serum that suits your hair. You might have to experiment a bit before getting your hands on the right brand. Observe your hair after using different serums and compare the results to know which brand you find good. An Anti-hairfall serum for men usually ranges from 1000-3000 INR. It might seem costly, but it is a worthwhile investment.

    How Much To Use

    The serum will ensure that you never have a bad hair day, but you have to take care to use it every day. They have certain chemical ingredients that can weigh down your hair. You have to allow your hair to breathe and limit its usage to only 2-3 times per week. Try to use it during special events and occasions.

    Controls Oily Hair

    Hair serum for men contains silicone which allows the filling of the follicular cracks in the hair upon usage. The serum coats the hair evenly and hence controls excess oil production. It acts as a shield for your hair along with promoting follicular growth.

    UV Protection

    Along with oil control, the serum also protects the hair from the harmful radiations of the sun. They do not allow excess heat to affect the hair. To that end, it is advisable to use hair styling tools after using a serum to prevent heat from directly touching the hair.

    For Thin Hair

    Hair serum for men is not just limited to styling the hair. They can also be used to fight hair fall and thin hair. Excess hair fall can be a nightmare for anybody, which can lead to emotional stress. There are serums available to fight hair fall and regain the lost volume of the hair. With proper usage, they can bring a decent result.

    Salon Treatment

    If you are scared to start using a serum on your own, then you can get help. Many salon professionals and stylists use serums in hair smoothening treatments. They help decrease frizz and brittleness. You can ask a salon stylist to demonstrate to you how to apply the serum. You can learn from them and continue to use it the same way later.

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