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    Upgrade Your New Gaming Laptop

    You just got out of the box your brand new gaming laptop, so you can enjoy all your favorite games. Your new acquisition has a powerful graphics card, a powerful processor, a great display and many important features that make it an important portable gaming station.

    So it makes sense to wait for the power to play the best PC games available. Before you begin installing the latest titles, we recommend that you take a few minutes to read the following guide. This way you will customize Windows 10 based on your gaming needs and make your interactive strolls even better!

    Customize Windows updates to suit your needs

    Imagine getting close to the end of a difficult race at PUBG and suddenly the computer restarts. This may be due to the necessary installation of a recent Windows Update. Maybe then you don't have that much appetite for gaming.

    To stop this annoying experience, open Settings - Update and Security (by pressing Windows + Q) and type Updates in the search box. Then click Change active hours. There you can set the active hours of use to automatically download and install the latest updates. This will only update when you are not using your computer for gaming. You can also click on Advanced Options and the window that will open to turn on the "Pause Updates" option (to pause the installation of the updates).

    Disable mouse acceleration

    Windows 10 comes with many tools and utilities that can improve the user experience. However, they do not help much in gaming. One of them is the mouse acceleration which allows the mouse pointer to move not only on the basis of detecting and measuring physical movement, but also on the basis of speed. However, when using a gaming mouse, it can negatively affect the mouse's sensitivity during play. The best you can do is turn it off.

    To do so, go to: Settings> Devices> Mouse> Additional Mouse Options> Cursor Options tab and in the Move group, uncheck Improve Cursor Accuracy. Now you can experiment with the pointer speed settings to find the best one for you.

    Updated the graphics card drivers

    The moment you first start your gaming laptop, it will start with the factory default settings. This includes the initial versions of the graphics card drivers. This means that these will probably be outdated versions and will definitely need updating. Updating the graphics card drivers is a very important process for smooth card operation: it optimizes the graphics card performance to the maximum while it is required to play all the latest game titles.

    Depending on the graphics card (Nvidia or AMD) on your laptop, you will need to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website.

    Disables Windows 10 visual effects

    Windows 10 visual effects can negatively affect the processing power of your gaming laptop. So you'll want to turn them off if you want to avoid game performance issues, such as frame drops.

    Press "Windows" + "Q" keys and then type "Advanced". Click "View advanced system settings" and in the window that appears, select: Performance> Settings and click "Customize". You can now remove all unnecessary visual effects in the operating system's interface, from Thumbnails to Shadows beneath the windows.

    Download the Steam client

    Steam is the most popular digital game distribution platform for PCs. There you can find an extensive collection of titles. Go to the Steam homepage and download the Steam client. Its installation is very simple. Open the file you just downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to sign up (if you haven't done so already) to use it, but it's provided for free. This way you ensure that the platform is always up-to-date, while having access to all your games from a central library.

    The basic steps were done! Now you can start downloading the titles you want to play from your digital library or installing games that have been purchased in physical form. You can also download an app like Discort to chat with friends or join VoIP (Voice over IP) chat rooms and gaming parties.

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