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    Who doesn’t love to just kick back on the couch after a long day at work or school and watch an entertaining TV show or movie? Nobody! Which is why so many people around the world subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other paid over-the-top media services. But there are also lesser-known ways how to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies, with CouchTuner being one of them.

    What Is CouchTuner?

    CouchTuner is an online TV series and movie streaming site where you can watch content from HBO, Turner, The CW, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., CNN, DC Comics, Otter Media, and other major entertainment companies and film studios without paying.
    Yes, you’ve heard right. It doesn’t cost anything to watch TV series and movies on CouchTuner. That’s because the site actually doesn’t host any content on its servers. It merely provides a convenient interface that lets you stream content hosted on the servers of various third-party content providers.

    Is Couchtuner Safe?

    As such, CouchTuner isn’t liable for any copyrighted content the site links to—at least that’s what CouchTuner’s admins say on the site. Of course, entertainment companies and film studios don’t see things the same way, and neither do many search engines.
    If you’re unable to access CouchTuner, it’s very likely that your internet service provider is blocking access to the site. If that’s really the case, you have two options: you can use a VPN service to bypass the content filter put in place by your internet service provider, or you can use one of the top 7 best alternatives to CouchTuner listed further down.
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    Couchtuner Alternative Websites in 2020


    SolarMovie is among the most popular alternatives to CouchTuner. The site lists movies and TV shows of all genres, and its well-designed user interface makes it extremely simple to discover new and trending content. Registered users can rate movies and TV shows, save interesting content for later, and make requests. Registration is completely free, and you’re not required to give out any personal information. Like all other alternatives to CouchTuner listed in this article, SolarMovie doesn’t store any files on its servers. All content is provided by non-affiliated third parties.

    Daily TV Fix

    If you can’t live without a daily dose of TV, this online streaming site is guaranteed to get you your daily fix. Daily TV Fix offers everything from the latest movies to little-known TV shows. You can search for content by name or using the site’s comprehensive search filter. Newly added TV show episodes are listed right on the homepage, as are recently updated movies. It’s very common for Daily TV Fix to list more than a dozen different mirrors for each show and movie. Daily TV Fix also has a very active forum section, where users discuss their favorite TV shows and movies, make requests, and socialize with one another.

    New Episodes

    As the name of this online streaming site suggests, New Episodes is the place you want to be to watch the new episodes of popular TV shows minutes after they air. The site conveniently displays all TV shows that have aired the current week, but you can also browse TV shows in alphabetical order or search for them directly using the search bar. Just like Daily TV Fix, New Episodes has an active forum section, and it’s recommended that new users introduce themselves to others so they can receive a proper welcome.


    PutLocker is an online streaming staple that most people who have used a couple of streaming sites in the past instantly recognize. PutLocker has movies and TV shows alike, and there are always plenty of mirrors to choose from, so availability is never an issue. Besides Hollywood blockbusters, PutLocker also has movies and TV shows from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, India, China, France, and several other countries.


    Primewire is a popular online streaming site where you can watch newly released movies without paying ridiculous theater prices. All movies on Primewire are available in multiple resolutions, so you can choose the one that best fits your internet connection and playback device. Primewire users rate individual mirrors based on their quality, so it’s always easy to see which mirrors work great and which are to be avoided. Before you watch a movie on Primewire, we recommend you create a user account and read the site’s guide on how to safely watch online movies.


    Moviewatcher is a free movie streaming service to watch movies and TV shows online absolutely for free and without registration. Some of the genres you can find on the site include action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, film-noir, gameshow, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, news, reality TV, romance, short, sport, talk-show, thriller, war, and western. As you can see, Moviewatcher really has something for everyone, and it doesn’t ask for anything in return.

    How to Access CouchTuner Using a VPN?

    A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. It prevents outside observers, including your internet service provider, from capturing and analyzing your internet traffic, protecting you against snooping and hackers.
    For a comprehensive list of the best VPN services, visit this site. When selecting a VPN service, pay attention to its price, the number of IP addresses it offers, its global footprint, and its security and privacy protection.

    Regardless of which VPN service you choose, the setup process is always very similar:

    1. Create a user account.
    2. Choose a plan and provide your payment details.
    3. Download and install a VPN client on your device.
    4. Securely connect to the internet.
    Many VPN services offer a free trial period, so you can use them to access CouchTuner without paying.
    CouchTuner is one of the most popular online streaming sites, but its alternatives have a lot to offer as well. In this article, we’ve listed top 7 best alternatives to CouchTuner, and we hope that our selection of online streaming sites will help you enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies to your heart’s content.

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