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    How to Make a Business Card Online?

    Despite their relatively small sizes, business cards are critical to the development of your business. On many instances, business owners will hand out business cards are normally to existing customers or prospects. This is due to the fact that they are a highly personalized form of marketing. 

    The multiple designs options can give business owners the opportunities of promoting their businesses in creative manners. 

    First Impression

    Being part of your introduction, business cards play a crucial role in making a positive first impression. An eye-catching and attractive business card that has all the relevant contact information can help you capture the attention of potential prospects. It also can assist you to remain their memories long after the first meeting. 

    On top of that, business cards enhance credibility, since they help create a sense of legitimacy and credibility for your business. 

    Low Cost

    Since business cards are relatively inexpensive, they are a cost-effective tool for marketing especially for small businesses that are on a tight budget. Local printing companies can create several business cards just for a few dollars. Moreover, the abundance of printing companies online makes it quite easy for business owners to shop around and get the best deal.


    The great thing about business cards is that you can carry them anywhere you go. This in turn makes them an essential marketing tool for businesses where business owners travel frequently. 

    If you usually attend business conventions or industry shows, then business cards can help facilitate the process of not only establishing contacts but also maintaining them which can lead to new and exciting business opportunities in the future. By keeping a number of bringing a number of business cards with you at all times, you will have the opportunity of constantly marketing your business to every person that you will meet. 

    Building your business brand

    When used properly business cards can help business owners to easily establish their brands. By including a company logo on your business card, you will help reinforce your brand and its values to every person who will receive or view your business card. 

    Designing your business card

    If you intend on making the entire design process run smoother then it’s important to first establish what you intend to communicate. You also need to understand your brand type, what you want the business card to say, both with words and with design. By taking a few minutes to reflect on your brand, you will be able to come up with several designs. 

    Once you have established a great brand scheme as well as a great idea of what you want the card to communicate, then you are now ready to begin the design process. 

    Choose your shape

    If you prefer the traditional rectangular card, then you can overlook this step. However, if you are keen on learning about all the options available then you can read on. As the printing techniques continue to get more affordable and advanced, new and exciting designs are being discovered every day. 

    Die-cutting printing techniques allows business owners to cut out any shape that they may want. On the other hand, you can always round the corners up and end with a friendlier card. However, if you want to stand out, then you can use any shape from mascots, original wholly shapes to product outlines to come up with amazing cover designs. On top of that, you can also base an entire card theme on clever cutting. 

     Choose your size

    Once you have the shape in mind, the next step would be to determine the size of your card. Card size depends mostly on the country. For North America, the recommended card size is 3.5x2 inch while the recommended size for European countries is 3.3x2.1 inch. 

    Irrespective of the size, you should always put these three factors into consideration at all times. 

    • Trim line: The target line used for cutting cards.
    • Safety line: Anything located outside the safety line can be affected by cutting mistakes. 
    • Bleed area: Outermost region of the card, that’s most subject to removal.

    While these regions vary depending on the printer and size, a safety measure is to always set the trim line 3mm from the border. 

     Add your logo

    With everything in order, the next step would be to plot the visual elements of the card design especially the logo. The logo should at all times take center stage. Always remember that you’ve got two sides to make use of. One common strategy is to dedicate one side of the card for the logo and the other to showcase personal information. 

    Nonetheless, it’s always great to have the business logo on both sides. Often at times, you will get to see a small sized logo on the side that has the contact information. It’s important to point out that this is just one strategy, thus you should always feel free to experiment with the logo placement until you are able to find one that suits your taste. 

    Pick a design

    If you truly want a carefully designed business card, then a great idea would be to user friendly tools on sites such as Placeit and do something amazing. 

    How to make a business card with Placeit

    What makes Placeit a fantastic tool for non-professional designers is that you can make a business card within minutes. Nonetheless, if you do not have a logo then it’s important to create one first using the Logo-Creator tool. 

    Creating the logo using the Logo creator is a simple process which will involve you entering the company name as well as the company slogan. You will then select the industry and the icon that you will like best. You can customize the logo to your liking. 
    Once your logo is ready, you can now use the variety of templates available to create a perfect business card. You can now use the editing tool to add/edit any personal data on the card and that’s it!

    Be sure to test out your designs using Placeit’s business card mockup, banner mockup and poster mockup to get a feel of how your design looks like as a final product. 
    For the banner mockups, Placeit offers both horizontal and vertical banner mockups. Be sure to try out all these amazing tools out!!

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