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    Outgrown Your Shared Hosting? Check These Top 3 VPS Hosting Options

    Just a year passed by and your website started gaining high traffic? Great! This seems that you have taken a lot of efforts not only in your website development but also in marketing of your products and services. You might have gone through a lot of ups and downs the past year and today the result is the best.
    But since you have now started gaining heavy traffic and your website is hosted on Linux shared hosting servers, those won’t be able to handle furthermore. This means you need to think upon some other way round for managing your website traffic. What would be your next step? Have you given a thought on this? If not, it’s the time now.
    After shared the best option to upgrade is to VPS hosting servers. VPS means Virtual Private Servers that offer your independent virtual environment. This means you are going to host your website in a more secured environment where there won’t be any interference of other users. Also, you will have independent resources to use that would help to fulfil your website requirements. VPS offers the best performance and speed that helps to load your website faster when a user browses it.
    Now when it comes to select the best and cheap VPS hosting provider, you might get stuck. This is because the market is already filled with so many hosting providers that you can’t select one easily. Therefore, here’s a list of the best VPS hosting providers of India to make your selection easy.


    Standing among the industry leaders in the web hosting space, MilesWeb has been offering a wide range of hosting solutions to cater every business needs. Their VPS hosting plans are configured with SSD storage, IPv4, SSH access, MySQL database, etc.
    MilesWeb stands unique in the competition of web hosting industry because you get both power as well as flexibility with their VPS. Also, you don’t need to worry about the server management because your server is managed by their technical experts.
    Additionally, you can migrate to their VPS servers without any additional charge. Also, your data is migrated with complete security.

     From the above screenshot, it is clear that MilesWeb offers pricing and resources for websites of all shapes and sizes.

    Their basic features include Solid-State Drives, free VPS management, SSH and Root access, resource monitoring dashboard, host unlimited sites, instant provisioning, no setup fee, robust infrastructure.
    Additionally, you get 24/7 customer support, cloud-powered VPS and enterprise-grade hardware.
    Their low-cost VPS hosting plans offer you benefits of resources, support and uptime as compared to other VPS hosting providers.


    The next popular name in the web hosting industry is HostGator. Though popular for the low-cost shared hosting plans, their VPS hosting plans are also worth to consider.
    They offer competitive VPS hosting plans as below:

    The prices are the best for the resources. But similar to most hosting providers, these introductory rates will increase when you renew the plan.
    But you won’t need to renew the plan immediately as they give you an opportunity for more time as compared to other web hosting providers.
    HostGator stands unique from its reliable and multi-layer security network. Due to shared security combined with the feature of scaling your resources makes them a best VPS option.
    Just note one thing that they lack in their customer service and support as compared to other providers.


    Though not very popular in the web hosting market, LiquidWeb still offers exciting hosting solutions.
    All LiquidWeb VPS plans are fully managed. They manage your hardware and the network.
    Additionally, all security updates and patches are managed by their teamalong with the support for the operating system and all software.
    LiquidWeb haven’t given any fancy name to the plans. Their plans are as below:

    When it comes to their customer service, they offer exceptional support. Their team is available 24/7 via phone, email and live chat.
    They offer the below features:
           Managed hardware
           Managed network
           Support for the operating system and pre-installed software
           Security updates and patches
           Hands-on service monitoring
           Service restoration
           Root access
    As in Shared hosting, your website won’t go down if you reach the limit of the allotted bandwidth. The account will stay active and the user will be charged for the additional bandwidth used.
    If you want to upgrade your VPS plan, they do it for you easily with just a click of a few buttons.

    Which One to Select?

    You can see that all the VPS hosting providers claim to offer the best services. Hope that selecting the best one for your website will become easy for you from this review article.
    But I would recommend you to select MilesWeb VPS hosting as their plans are powered by KVM hypervisor and you get a variety of options to choose from. Also, you can anytime migrate to their servers from your current web host. Apart from these features, they also allow you to select your favourite operating system as well as control panel.
    Lastly, the decision is up to you!

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