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    Learning AngularJS: A Short and Quick Guide to AngularJS Development


    The world of software development has improved greatly over the last few periods of time. According to JavaScript, client-side structures have created great strides in practicality and veracity. If you want to work with this framework, I recommend you to read this article. So, don’t waste your time.

    Short overview

    When you begin reading this post, you have several questions, who is the author AngularJS? When did it start? It is a curious history. According to the statistics, two engineers have found this framework. It happened in 2009. I have a well-known quote:” The best things in life are not planned, they simply just happen.” That’s actually what happened with AngularJS. It is time when the framework is supported by Google.


    1. It is a great JavaScript-based community framework with the main aim to help in building deep Internet Applications.

    2. It is an interesting fact that this structure presents developers' choices to address a client-side application.

    3. The application reproduced in this framework is cross-browser submissive. This framework automation creates JavaScript code suitable for each browser.

     It goes without saying that it is a framework to build large scale and high-performance web applications while keeping them as easy-to-maintain.

    The most useful features

    An important aspect of this article is useful characteristics of this amazing framework. I recommend you to read it.

    Control device

    This JavaScript uses the devices that are connected to a special scope.


    Instructions are markers on DOM components. These can be employed to build system HTML tags that work like new, custom widgets.


    MVC is a design guide for sharing an application into various sections. Each of these parts has different abilities.

    Dependence injected

    It is important to add that this framework has a built-in dependence injected control-command that supports any developer by getting the application simpler to explain, learn, and test.


    Moreover, these are making opinions with information from the control device and model.

    Advantages and disadvantages of AngularJS

    As everything in the world, they have their pros and cons. First and foremost, let’s start with the advantages.

    1. It is often said that this framework gives the ability to build a Single Page Application in a very clear and supportable way.

    2. It presents data binding ability to HTML so providing the user with a rich and dynamic involvement.

    3. Many studies have shown that it gives reusable elements.

    4. It is clear from the facts that in AngularJS it displays just simple HTML pages, and control devices addressed in JavaScript in order to do the business processes.

    In addition, AngularJS applications can run on all main browsers and smartphones.

    Disadvantages of this technology

    On the other hand, you gotta analyze the next points.

    1. Not fasten − Being JavaScript's unique framework, an application written with the help of it is not safe. Server-side verification and support are a need to hold an application firm.

    2. Not decomposable, if your application user damages JavaScript then the user will just understand the central page and nothing more extra.

    Why should you use AngularJS?

    If you haven’t learned AngularJS yet, you’re needing out. I recommend this framework. This framework consists of a firmly set of tools that will help you make well structured, expensive client-side applications in a modular way—with shorter code and also great adaptability. Of course, you can also build your directives, craftwork reusability elements that meet your requirements. Finally, as for me, I love AngularJS because of its versatility concerning server information. Like the greatest JavaScript MVC frameworks, it gives you control over any server-side technology. As a decision, you can propose your model and custom logic to the front-end and build back-end agnostic web apps.


    So, in conclusion I hope this article about the learning of AngularJS: a short and quick guide to AngularJS development gave you some useful information. I also recommend you to take a look at the list of most useful features. Here are some points:

    • Control device

    • Instructions

    • MVC

    • Dependence injected

    • Models

    So, I know a famous quote: “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” Please choose one of these features and do your work. Thank you for reading! I hope you have found it interesting and useful too. Have a nice day!

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