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    A quick guide to BBA: Career options, scope and much more

     A bachelor’s degree opens up inaccessible possibilities that will provide you a rewarding career ahead. Numerous subjects are introduced every year including events, PR and corporate communications, foreign trade, aviation management, digital marketing, financial analysis and services, tourism and hospitality management, auto marketing, human resource, marketing, finance, operations management, family business and entrepreneurship, logistics management, oil and gas marketing, hospital and health-care management.

    Read on to discover the job profile that will come handy with a bachelor's degree in any of these subject domains. 

    Scope and Career options with BBA:

    1. Game designer: The role of a game designer is to draft proposals for projects including the concept documents, schedules, and product plans. Game designers use a metrics-driven approach to initiative the retention into the design of the game by understanding the overall client goals. To serve the target consumers they source third party services for marketing requirements and portfolio directions. 

    2. Fashion designer: Fashion designers are all-rounders conducting market research to identify new techniques, trends, fabrics, and processes to seek innovative designing inspirations. They collaborate with different teams to compare various seasonal themes and make edits to create new concepts. 

    3. Web developer: Web developers write codes to create websites using standard practices and maintain it by constantly working on its improved features. Some of their primary tasks involve researching and maintaining the software programs, documentation and to implement the contingency plans in case, if the website goes down. 

    4. Augmented Reality Designer: The professionals in this job role design augmented reality user-experiences from varied fidelity pixel sketches to perfect mock-ups. They are also responsible for creating custom software experiences for advanced analytic and artificial intelligence. They develop solutions to fit within the objectives of the project interface with data scientists to design solutions for the visual display of quantitative information.

    5. Agronomist: Agronomists are involved in the study of developing new ways to improve farming techniques by conducting research to combat the complex issues revolving around the agricultural industry. This job role requires a self-motivated and detail-oriented individual possessing excellent analytical skills to handle sales stages, accounts, and CRM tools amongst many other responsibilities. 

    6. Research Associate: The role of an agricultural research associate is to plan and coordinate various clinical research trails. The projects may involve the development of improved ways of food production, animal husbandry, farming, and disease control operations.

    7. Microbiologist: Microbiologist is employed in almost all the health-care industries including pharmaceutical or biotechnological industries, environmental agencies, hospitals, research organizations, pathological laboratories, universities, agricultural industry, and many others. 

    8. Water quality scientist: The role of a water quality scientist is to safeguard the overall aspects of water quality through scientific analysis and experimentation by setting standards and targets to provide advice on avoiding problems. 

    9. Food technologist: A food technologist analyses and evaluates the food production methods to make sure that the food quality and safety are not legally compromised during the whole process. They modify existing processes to develop new efficient technologies with improved safety and quality control procedures beginning from the initial stage to the finished product. 

    10. Toxicologist: As the name suggests, this job role is more about identifying and evaluating the impact of toxins on the environment including humans. Apart from that, they isolate and measure the effect of radiation on animals, plants, or ecosystems to carry out a range of experiments to evaluate and examine the statistical research data of scientific literature. 

    Earning a bachelor of business administration, pharmacy, aviation management, foreign trade, digital marketing, human resources will open up a whole new world of possibilities and new adventures. With increased internet usage, every domain has been magnified into specialized areas. Research well and embark on a journey to find the lost city of knowledge.

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