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    Why and where should businesses use Animated Explainer Videos?

    In today’s fast-moving digital world, videos are unavoidable, leading to the rise of various video production companies. For marketing or entertainment, or educational purposes, videos rule out all other forms of content. 

    Take a minute to think about a day in today’s digital world. People search for almost everything on Youtube, ranging from how-to videos to product reviews, educational content, short films, etc. Be it even in social media, people on a daily basis scroll through videos on mainly Instagram, Facebook, etc. Corporate video is key for every business. We provide you with the complete guide to corporate video production so your brand can thrive.

    Moreover, there are many types of videos that are used for various purposes. These include animation videos, explainer videos, vlogs, product reviews, testimonials, interviews, etc. 

    Video inclusion is one of the most effective and proven digital marketing tactics that you can use for growing your business. As a digital marketer, opting for video marketing has helped me get conversions and better return on investment. 

    This blog will be all about animated explainer videos, why using these types of videos should be used by businesses, and where they can be used. 


    What is an animated explainer video?

    An animated explainer video uses animated visuals to explain your business, product, or service. It is also used to convey any concepts or ideas. 

    These videos graphically communicate concepts, ideas or information about your product/service/ business to your audience that may be difficult to convey using text and still images alone or even other forms of videos.

    Animated explainer videos are known to have been used by various businesses and brands for marketing for the reason that it stands out in being remembered by the target audience. 

    Let’s look at an example, Spotify used an animated explainer for its launch in 2011, gaining 1 million paid subscribers in the U.S. and 5 million worldwide. An animated explainer video alone helped them grow ten times more than its competitors in just one year. 

    Animated explainer videos in themselves have many types. This includes 2D or 3D explainer animations, whiteboard explainer videos, and even animation hybrid explainer videos.

    Why should your business consider using animated explainer videos?

    With many types of videos to choose from, why should your business use explainer videos that are animated? Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using animated explainer videos: 

    1. Engages viewers and gives them a unique experience.

    Animator explainer videos engage viewers and interact with their minds at both the visual and audible dimensions. Animation videos are usually entertaining, so viewers are interested in watching them till the end.

    Animation has the ability to convey emotions in a variety of ways. It can be used to make the marketing message even more emotional and identifiable. It has an emotional and aesthetic appeal to viewers, and it helps them connect to your business on a more intimate level.

     Because it frequently mixes visual and acoustic components at the same time, the video interacts with human emotions at several levels of perception. For example, sometimes it can give a nostalgic feeling of being a cartoon-loving kid again. 

    1. Explains ideas and concepts in a simple way.

    Animation has the ability to simplify complex information and convey it in a clear and understandable manner. Animated videos are advantageous as your audience learns more successfully while having fun.

    When things that looked complex before are explained using animated videos, they become much easier to understand. Your target audience will understand more about your business if you use an animated explainer video.

    1. It can be used at any point in the sales funnel and gets you a better ROI

    You can use an animated film to attract new leads at the top or bottom of your sales funnel or retain and delight existing customers; it works well in any scenario. 

    Using an animated explainer video can help you gain more conversions as people tend to engage more with the video and understand better. More conversions can eventually lead to a better return on investment. When compared to other types of content, animated videos have one of the best returns on investment.

    1. Helps rank better on search engines

    According to a report by Cisco, videos will make up to 80% of the traffic on the internet in 2022, thereby becoming one of the most effective content marketing tools. It is thereby an SEO booster for most websites as Google tends to rank websites with videos on the top. 

    Keeping this in mind, if you use animator explainer videos for your business website, it has better benefits of being on top of the search engines. Users stay on a website for longer when it is animated. When people spend more time on a web page than the norm, Google considers it to be more helpful content, leading to better traffic to your website.

    Where can you use animated explainer videos?

    Animated explainer videos are effective across a range of digital marketing channels due to their ability to clarify even the most complicated concepts in a short span of time.

    • Product Landing Pages

    An animator explainer video for your product on your business landing page has higher sales chances. Your product can be displayed through 3D animated videos, GIFs, 360-degree videos. These videos boost audience engagement and get you better conversions. 

    • Social Media

    Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing your business through videos. When the target audience scrolls through their social media feeds, it draws their attention and makes them want to learn more about the business. In social media marketing, animated explainer videos are profitable and useful. 

    • Online Advertising

    In today's digital age, being hyper-creative with your advertising can increase sales. Companies in a variety of industries and verticals utilize animation to add something new, imaginative, and startling to their advertising.

    Animated explainer videos featuring engaging characters, witty visual metaphors, infographics, and enticing voices perform better. They provide brand and product information and a lot of pleasure and amusement for your audience.

    Wrapping Up!

    You'll stand out from the crowd if you create captivating animated explainer movies that explain your services or products and assist your audience in better grasping why they need them.

    Animation explainer videos are not just visually appealing but also demonstrate your brand's distinct personality and elevate communication with your target audience to a new level. There is no better time than to make use of animated explainer videos for your business. 

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