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    What can you do with a Diploma in law in Singapore?

    Although there is no particular way to become a lawyer, it is generally preferred that you possessed a diploma in law before you apply for any related professions. A diploma in law careers in Singapore is some of the most prestigious profiles that can help you advance in your legal career path swiftly.

    If you are a graduate or business professional who is looking to kick start your career in the field of law, then choosing Singapore as your study abroad destination is the best way to go about it. The flexible course curriculum of the diploma in law programme offered in Singapore can help you take a step closer to the fulfilment of that professional dream!

    Moreover, completing a diploma will open up opportunities for you to enrol into a full-time bachelor's or master’s degree in law, or even apply for a licence to practise independently. Let’s take a look at the top careers that you can venture into with a diploma in law.

    • Political risk analyst – These professionals are hired to examine issues related to human rights, trade and regulations, government stability and economic conditions.

    • Legal advisors – these experts are accountable for counselling clients on legal obligations and rights.

    • Oath commissioners – this job role is entitled to professionals who are experienced at verifying affidavits.

    • Barrister’s clerk - this legal position requires familiarity with code education and procedures for the smooth running of business administration.

    • Human resources officers – this position is available within multinational corporations, and deals with training and development opportunities.

    • Journalists - these exports are this excellent communication skills and communicate legal issues in both written and spoken forms.

    • Licenced conveyancer - as a professional property lawyer you will be accountable for handling legal matters that involve transactions related to mortgages.

    • Forensic computer analysts – these professionals specialise in a range of software techniques that are used to retrieve, analyse and secure a range of Criminal activities.

    • Paralegals- this refers to the supporting role for barristers and solicitors, primarily involving dispute resolution advocacy.


    Some of the other career paths that diploma in law graduates perfectly fit into including the following:

    • Trading standards officer

    • Legal researcher

    • Legal administrative officer

    • Law clerk

    • Intellectual property lawyer or practitioner

    • Family advocate

    • Criminologist and forensic advocate

    • Courtroom clerk

    • Deputy court clerk

    • Commercial rights manager

    • Patient attorney

    • External auditor

    • Data scientist

    • Data analyst

    • Chartered accountant

    • Civil service administrator

    • Border Force officer

    Diploma in law programmes taught in Singapore is not only flexible in their timings but also quite affordable. You can choose to complete your diploma either part-time or full-time, and study at a pace that you are most comfortable with.

    Diploma in law courses is popular across the globe because of the intensity and comprehensiveness of the curriculum structure and the research-based practical training offered as part of the programme. Acquire the industry-friendly skillsets today and get an in-depth idea about the different types of legal professions by hitting the apply button now!

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