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    Ways to Detect AdBlock Users on Your WordPress Website & Blog

    Advertisements serve as one of the major sources of revenue for websites and blogs. Almost all webmasters and bloggers depend on it to meet their targeted revenue goals.
    With that said not all visitors to a website or blog like viewing ads in the same way. It is estimated that almost 47% of users use some kind of Adblocking software on the internet. They activate such software on their computer as well as mobile devices.

    Most users do it with the view of removing clutter while scrolling or viewing a website based on custom WordPress theme development. They believe ads not only leave a website cramping for space but also slow it down.
    Such users are called Adblock users. Even if a few of such users come to your website and are successful in blocking the ads throughout their browsing session, your revenue for that duration can go for a toss. Things can go awry if this goes unchecked over a while.
    Detecting Adblock users and communicating them to deactivate their software is the best way to prevent the revenue potential of your site or blog from a free fall. Given the plethora of options available to users, some of whom use sophisticated applications, this can be a challenging prospect. But by knowing the right methodology, you can accomplish this task with finesse.

    Are you a WordPress blogger or webmaster seeking ways to cut down the losses to your blog or site income? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will list a few ways by which you can keep Adblock users from impacting your revenue negatively.

    Ways to Track Adblock Users on a WordPress Website or Blog

    Because advertisements serve as the main source of revenue for webmasters, the latter is keen to have them up and running throughout a visitor’s session. This was a lot easier in the past as there were only a few options back then. But the emergence of software and tools to prevent adverts from showing up has made it an uphill task.
    What can one do to bypass this situation? As a webmaster, you can either adopt a passive approach or an aggressive one.
    In the passive approach, you can appeal the visitors to whitelist it so they view the banners as long as they stay on your site.

    Another way to go about it is to prevent users from viewing your web content as long as they do not whitelist your website on their tool. Known as the aggressive approach, it oftentimes leads to mixed results. While it may be effective with some users, it can backfire when pursued with users who are hell-bent on circumventing the ads on your website.
    The passive approach is much better than the other one. It will help you achieve your objective without antagonizing the traffic on your site. Given below is a handy list of some ways to go about it.

    • Employ OptinMonster

    While there is no dearth of options of software for the generation of leads, it takes some thinking and research to spot the best one. OptinMonster tops the list among the leading options in this regard. Nothing converts your potential clients to regular ones, as this program does.
    It supports opt-in campaigns for visitors to a website who have downloaded and activated uBlock Origin, Adblock, and Adblock Plus software on their devices.
    To reap the benefits of OptinMaster plugin, you need to go premium and enable it on your website based on WordPress web development.

    • Utilize the Adblocking Detection Feature of AdSanity Plugin

    AdSanity is one of the recognized names that enable webmasters to detect devices with Adblocking software and prevent them from accessing their website until it is deactivated. The “Promotion Block Detection” option of the software, which is a paid feature, enables webmasters of a WordPress website to skillfully perform the task.
    Operating this intuitive tool is simple and easy. All you need to do is download the plugin and then activate it. Thereafter, you need to turn on the option to detect Adblock software. But before trying out the features of the plugin, you need to subscribe to it as it is paid software.

    • Make the most of the free features of deAdblocker

    If you have been looking for a free experience to find a solution to overcome the adblocking ordeal, then deAdblocker is your best bet.
    But you will only be able to flash a warning to users with Adblock software on their devices. Thereafter, it is at their discretion to either activate or deactivate the software on their device.
    These are some of the tried and tested methods to prevent Adblock software from hitting the revenue from ads on your website. Additionally, you can also think about other options like offering premium or sponsored content on your website. This will allow you to absorb the loss of revenue due to the obstruction of ads on it.

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