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    How to configure an email server for a VPS Hosting package?

     Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is one of the most popular hosting services owing to its perfect balance of performance, security, affordability, and privacy.
    It's an excellent solution for websites with medium to high traffic and are resource-heavy, giving its users a complete control with a greater level of server access.
    VPS hosting provides you with a virtual server that simulates a physical server wherein each of these virtual private servers operate independently from one another. In other words, this hosting package lets you set up your website within a private and secured container with guaranteed resources like RAM, Operating System, disk space, CPU.  Hence, providing you with the super root-level access to a dedicated server along with the ability to customize your server environment at a fraction of the cost.

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    Understanding VPS hosting:

    • Having your own dedicated resources such as RAM, OS etc. under VPS hosting gives you guaranteed performance 
    • Your website will be hosted in an isolated environment, the performance and uptime of the other websites will not affect your site. Hence, ensuring improved reliability, performance, scalability and security.
    • VPS hosting provides you with complete server root access to control your configurations along with the ability to customize your server environment.
    • Beyond hosting a website, VPS servers can be used for deploying and testing projects, additional file storage or website backups.

    How does VPS hosting works?

    The entire aspect of VPS hosting is virtual wherein one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers. This is accomplished using a virtualization software, called hypervisor, which segments the physical server into multiple virtual servers and allows users to have access to the virtual replica of the actual physical server. 

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    Setting up email server for your VPS Hosting:

    With a VPS hosting service, you have a server that can run your website efficiently and quickly. Now, you should consider handling your email system in-house. Adding an email server to your existing VPS platform can help to improve the email functionality of your business in terms of branding, privacy, security and uptime.
    Here’s how you can do it:
    Step1: Log into your VPS server and install an open-source mail transfer agent (MTA) that routes and transmits electronic mail from one node on a network to another. For example, postfix which is freely available online and easy to install.
    sudo yum install postfix
    Step2: Configure your installed email server (such as postfix)
    sudo vim /etc/postfix/main.cf
    #Uncomment the following lines
    myhostname = yourhostname.com
    myorigin = $myhostname
    inet_interfaces = localhost
    inet_protocols = ipv4
    mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost
    mynetworks_style = host
    Step3: You need to start your server
    service postfix start
    Test email sending from your server
    echo “test” | mail -s “Test mail “ youremailid@yourserver.com
    Step 4 Open the configuration files of the installed email server.
    vim /etc/postfix/main.cf
    #uncomment/add the following lines with your details
    relayhost = [smtp.youremailserver.com] smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes
    Install the “SASL” Authentication plugin
    sudo yum install cyrus-sasl-plain
    Step 5 Lastly, you need to restart your server
    service postfix restart

    Benefits of having your own Email on the VPS: 

    • Privacy: One of the biggest advantages of  using your own email server in existing VPS  is that it helps to keep your emails private. When you choose other email services, there are greater risks of somebody snooping through your company’s emails.
    • Security: Handing over your email over to another company, makes you a potential target. The security of your business is compromised and there are higher possibilities of your businesses being attacked and vital data being stolen. Hence, having a private email server just makes sense.
    • Downtime: Most of third party email service providers does not offer a 99% uptime guarantee. These providers are potential targets for hackers who are constantly looking for opportunities to disrupt their services.
    • Branding: Finally, having your personal business email server provides you with an opportunity to get more professional by adding your brand name on the mail. At the same time, it also allows you to control who has access to the business emails.
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    Wrap up

    VPS hosting is suitable for businesses that are feeling constrained by their shared hosting plans and require the resources provided by a dedicated server, but are short of budget to opt for a dedicated web server. VPS platform with a unique approach can help such businesses in cost-effective virtualization and efficient allocation of dedicated server resources along with a virtual playground for additional online activities.
    Please remember that every hosting platform has its own advantages and is suitable for different stages of a business. Considering the requirements of your business, make sure to evaluate the features of the platform. An inability to scale digitally could also hamper the growth of your business, so choose wisely. 

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