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    Creating a WordPress Website? Learn these 7 Things Required Before Embarking

    These days, the trend of online marketing is setting new milestones. Therefore, if you are planning to shift from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce, that's great news! For this, you need a website that can bring worldwide customers to your site and flourish your business. 

    Creating a website is not a difficult task, especially when you are planning with WordPress. You will need a high-speed system, domain, software, and few other details. These will help to make your website creation journey easy. Let's learn more about how you can begin with an attractive online business platform. 

    1. Use a High storage space system.

    High system storage is one of the most essential requirements for creating a website. Therefore, most professional website developers prefer to consider Mac due to iCloud storage, and an inbuilt Time machine to add more data to the system. So, you can take its help for creating your website. If you are already using Mac, then do not forget to delete duplicate files and folders on Mac. You can also follow the link to know how to quickly delete unwanted files from the system to create more space. When your system has more space, it will be convenient to download more images, add content and run the software. Therefore, do not miss this step. 

    1. Know your target audience

    When you plan for website creation, awareness about your target audience is the first step. It helps you understand whether you need a blogging site, e-commerce, Homepages, Portfolio websites, Landing pages, or others. For instance, if you want to promote your business and want to sell online, an e-commerce website is a perfect solution. For this, you will need product images, product descriptions, and other details. Preparation in advance can make your website creation journey easier. 

    1. Buy a domain and hosting.

    When you are done with knowing your target audience, it's time to name your business on the internet with a domain. It provides identity to your business and helps the major search engines to show your business on search results. For this, you need to register with well-known domain service providers and choose your company domain name. Keep in mind, it must be close to your business name. You can also add numbers, use abbreviations to make it short and clear. You can use;

    • .net, if associated with tech companies

    • .org, available for NGOs and charities

    • .co, used by startups or new companies

    • .us or .co.uk, are available for only US or UK native people

    Similarly, you can choose a name depending on the company's needs.

    1. Sign Up to a Hosting Provider

    Once you have chosen a company domain, now it's time to look for hosting. In simple words, hosting is just like buying a plot to build a building. Same way, hosting is buying space on the internet to build websites. For this, you need to sign up for a hosting provider and buy the desired space. Keep in mind, your WordPress hosting must meet the following criteria;

    • MySQL version 5.6 or greater, OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater

    • PHP version 7.2 or greater

    • HTTPS support

    While hosting, you will see various plans provided by the hosting provider. You need to look at your website requirements and choose the right plan. Remember, the higher the plan, the more space you will get. Hence, you can show more content or products on your site. 

    1. Install WordPress software

    Now, you are done with hosting, you will get an admin username and password to create your website. But before using admin details, you need to install WordPress in your system. If you are wondering how to install WordPress in the system? Remember, there are two ways to download and install software - one-click installation and manual installation. 

    One-click installation is offered by the hosting provider. You just need to click on a given link and follow the instructions. WordPress will be downloaded on your computer. But, if you are using manual installation, you need to download the WordPress, then re-upload it to the hosting provider. You can choose either way at your convenience. 

    1. Select Desired Theme

    One of the best things about WordPress is that it has its own set of themes. You just need to think about your business purpose and start working with the desired theme. Templates offered by WordPress are fully made. You just need to add your content. Even there are easy-to-navigate functions, therefore, whether you want to change color, appearance, or want to add effects. These are easy to handle and apply while creating. All these details will be available on your dashboard.


    If you are not satisfied with current free WordPress templates, you can also download your favorite and apply them to your website. Some of them could be free, and for others, you have to pay a few pennies. 

    1. Install required plugins

    Installing plugins means you want to add new features to your website to make it more attractive. These work as just applications that make your task easy. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to break the current theme coding and add a new query. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 56,000 plugins available on WordPress. Therefore, you will have great options to enhance your website appearance. Some of the highly used WordPress plugins are - Contact Form by WP Forms (to add customized form), Yoast SEO (to optimize your content), WooCommerce ( for eCommerce functionality). So, don't forget to make them part of your WordPress site. 

    Bottom Line

    The online appearance of your business makes a wider customer reach. Therefore, do not delay your website creation plans and start working for it now with all the above-mentioned essential details. 

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