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    Reasons to Install Commercial Truck Cameras

    Commercial truck operators invest a lot of money in their vehicles and so do their customers in the loads the trucks carry. Unfortunately, the vehicles and merchandise being transported are at the risk of being stolen at all times while on the road or while the lorry is packed. As such, the businesses that operate the trailers need to ensure they are protected from different risks including vandalism, theft of parts, and theft of the items being carried. Luckily commercial truck cameras serve the function of improving security and other functions as well.

    Here are some of the reasons to have commercial truck cameras fitted on the trucks:

    The Cameras Improve Drivers' Productivity

    Typically, employers do not leave their workers unsupervised while working in factories, warehouses, shops, and other fixed work areas. Therefore, it would be ideal to also be able to keep an eye on the employees while on the road. Unfortunately, fleet managers and business owners cannot follow the drivers on the road. But the good news is that they can keep a virtual eye on them using commercial truck cameras. They can see what the driver is doing in the cab, what is happening on the road ahead and even around the vehicle. This can improve productivity and minimize idling, carrying unauthorized passengers and goods, and so on.

    To Provide Video Evidence During Accidents

    One of the most significant benefits of commercial truck cameras is providing detailed evidence about what happened in case of an accident. By the very nature of accidents, they occur when no one is prepared, and it may be hard to recollect what led to the incidents. Sometimes, other road users such as motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and others may be at fault but blame it on the truck driver. Without any concrete evidence that the lorry driver was not the one at fault, they may be forced to bear the responsibility. Fortunately, truck operating companies can work with reliable truck camera vendors such as Eyeride LLC to install cameras on their commercial vehicles and have an easy way to provide evidence in case of any incident.

    Commercial truck cameras can help to track the vehicle 

    Some onboard vehicle cameras come with advanced features such as GPS and connect to the Wi-Fi installed on automobiles. Such cameras help with much more than checking what is happening on the road and in the vehicle and enable the fleet management team to track the exact location of the lorries. This is crucial for route planning and dispatching trucks to attend to customers. The team in the office can see where the vehicles are, so plan well or even direct the drivers who are nearest to a customer to attend to them, for example, service technicians and trucks for picking up merchandise.

    To Help Reduce Costs

    Commercial truck cameras help businesses to cut costs in many ways. One of them is that insurance companies often offer lower insurance premiums for vehicles with cameras. Such cameras are deemed a lower risk because the drivers are monitored and hence less likely to cause accidents. The vehicles themselves are less likely to have parts vandalized or the load stolen. Cameras also ensure drivers drive responsibly and therefore, this reduces fuel costs. Also, with the cameras providing evidence in case of accidents, they reduce fraudulent claims from other road users —saving truck companies penalties and other payments.

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